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I have to admit that when first encountering the term, “gypset lifestyle,” my mind when into a tailspin.

Gypsy Jule

Gypsy Jule (Credit: Julie Sezer)

Was this a counter culture term for mobile living, akin to the RV lifestyle?

I may not be the most hip person around, but which generation did I miss out on? X, Y, or Z? Or NextGen?

Desiring to be fashionably current I sought enlightenment from the Urban Dictionary. This dictionary of cultural words and phrases describes the essence of gypset as follows:

“Yuppies, Yippies, Jet Setters, Bright Young Things, Generation X, Generation Y…and now the Gypset. Fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, the Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe, from Jose Ignacio, Uruguay and Ibiza, Spain, to Montauk, New York.

“Gypset Style explores the unconventional, wanderlust lives of these high-low cultural nomads and the bohemian enclaves they inhabit, as well as their counterculture forbears, such as the Victorian explorers, the Lost Generation, the Beatniks, and the hippies. Oh I wis I had her style, she is so gypset.”

Vienda Maria in the Gypset Guide further defines gypset as an unconventional, bohemian approach to life.

“Gypset is a modern nomadic lifestyle, where your love and appreciation for the world and all of life translates into a multifaceted travel experience. This can show up in a myriad of ways: some gypsetters travel real slow, spending even a few years in each place, whereas others move around the globe at a quick pace; some continuously move, slowly traversing the planet; and others have a secure home base which they leave for many months each year. Some of us are self-employed; some of us take on short term gigs; and many of us are multi-passionate, involved in a wide range of different things.”

Gypsy Jule

Gypsy Jule (Credit: Julie Sezer)

Enter Gypsy Jule, a fashionable boutique that sells everything from women’s clothing and accessories to jewelry and home decor. A self-described misfit mercantile.

Formerly operated out a 100-year-old house in Apex, North Carolina, Julie Sezer did what any gypseter would do: she fixed up a vintage trailer, packed it with merchandise, and took her shop on the road.

Sezer describes gypset is an amalgamation of gypsy and jet set, combining attributes of those who prefer the carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set elite. Styles are characterized as unconventional, yet distinctly fashionable.

On the boutique’s web site, printed pants are featured as the latest craze. And to accessorize in that “oh so cool” casually eclectic bohemian style, a Tibetan horn necklace.

Aside from apparel, jewelry, and accessories, one-of-a-kind repurposed furniture is also popular at Gypsy Jule. Eclectic details that add ambiance and fun to your gypsy abode and lifestyle.

Customized for the mobile store, the trailer has also found a unique niche as a backdrop for special occasions. Sezer rents it out for weddings, parties, and corporate events where it can be set up as a prop in a photo area.

To further cite the Gypset Guide, you know you’re a gypsetter when…

“Every day is an adventure, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

“The roads less travelled are the ones that call your name.

“For you, it’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Just maybe, gypset is a counterculture term for the RV lifestyle.

Weber Exprience Roadshow Airstream (source:

Weber Exprience Roadshow Airstream (source:


Gysy Jule

Urban…Rustic…and Contemporary

A little bohemian, contemporary gypsy sprinkled with western influences.
We are a lifestyle that is based on the unconventional bohemian approach to life. We are exotic but down to earth. We represent the Gypset way of life.
Our brand is tailored to a lifestyle that is upscale but rugged, classy yet adventurous.
We are a Gypset tribe…gypsy combined with sophisticated jet set.
At Gypsy Jule, the Wanderlusts can become the Wander-less.

Location: On the road

Phone: (919) 753-7444


Worth Pondering…

Not all those who wander are lost.
—J. R. R. Tolkien

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