Tips for Organizing Your RV

Ah, the open road. The only thing separating you and your adventure is getting everything in your recreational vehicle organized.

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

When venturing onto the open road, every inch of space is vital. Careful planning and creative thought will help to make your RV a comfortable home on wheels.

RV organization tips can save you time on your next road trip. Whether you’re heading to a national park or a camping trip to the lake, by organizing your RV you can save yourself the headache of scrambling to pick up last minute items at the local Walmart.

Organizing your RV can be fun and frustrating at the same time. There never seems to be enough space and you will most-likely re-organize your cabinets and storage areas numerous times before you’re satisfied.

Every square inch of storage space counts when you’re organizing your RV. Be creative when you put systems in place to utilize all interior and exterior storage space.

Anything you put in the RV adds weight. When packing your RV stay within the manufacturer’s recommended weight ratings and balance the weight from side to side and front to back. This is important for driving stability and safety. Weight management is critical to your safety!

Following are a few easy tips for organizing your RV that will simplify your life on the road and help you spend less time looking for things and more enjoying the wonderful adventure.

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

Storage containers are your friends. Use them to store odd shaped and sized items in similar places. This can save space in storage areas, cupboards, under furniture and the bed, and in the bathroom.

Before storing anything in the storage compartment in the RV basement, place them in storage containers or stacking bins to protect against dust and dirt.

Stackable shelving units come in various sizes and styles. Perfect for the RV kitchen cabinets that are typically very deep. Before you go shopping, measure each cabinet. To get every inch of space, you will need both the depth and width size of each cabinet you want to organize.

Storage is everywhere. That means the inside of your oven and microwave (don’t forget to empty it out before using!

Line drawers and shelves with nonslip liners to prevent items from sliding while you’re on the road.

Pre-plan what you’re bringing on your next road trip and think ahead to start the organization process of how to store what you need with you. Start with checklists; they are an RV must!

Check lists will help you organize everything from your kitchen to your camping gear to your weekly meal plans and groceries.

Leave as many items as possible in your RV between road trips. If you need to remove items and use them in your home, make a list of what you take out of your RV—that way when you get ready to venture out next time, packing will be a piece of cake.

Keep an evolving list in your RV: things to pack for each trip, things you don’t use anymore, things you wish you had, etc. These are the type of things you’ll think of while you’re on road trips — just jot them down as they come to mind and you’ll have them for next time.

Fruits and veggies will last longer in your fridge if you rinse and store in an air-tight bag with a folded paper towel. The paper towel will limit rotting.

Store grains and pasta in airtight containers or zip-lock bags to keep out unwanted critters.

Items used frequently should be stored near the front for easy access.

Recycle old Rx containers (remove the label) to hold an emergency stash of quarters for laundry.

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

Tips for Organizing Your RV (Credit:

Organize travel guides, campground directories, itineraries, and reservations in an easy-to-access location.

Over time you will discover the best way to organize the things you use most so they’re always handy when you need them.

Clutter tends to beget clutter, so don’t let the first stray object get things started. Clutter detracts significantly from the pleasure and convenience of using your RV.


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