Custom-Built Retractable Screens for RVs

Until now, if you wanted a retractable screen for your recreational vehicle you had to either purchase an over-priced model from your RV manufacturer or spend considerable time and energy figuring out how to modify existing models.

Custom-Built Retractable Screens for RVs

Custom-Built Retractable Screens for RVs

Enter Screen Solutions, maker of the popular Plisse retractable screen for doors and windows, who now offer useful guidelines, diagrams, and free Doug the Screen Guy advice, for customers seeking to install a retractable screen on their RV.

The Plisse retractable screen is custom-built for each customer’s opening in Screen Solutions’ Austin, Texas, facility.

Because of the custom nature of the Plisse screen, it can and has been adapted for all different styles of doors and windows—including RVs, storage buildings, boats, and even horse trailers.

“If it has an opening, we’ll gladly help you find a way to screen it,” said Douglas J. Bennett, known online as “Doug, the Screen Guy,” founder and CEO of Screen Solutions Inc., in a news release.

“There simply aren’t any other retractable screens available that offers the over-abundance of features that the Plissé retractable screen does: die cast aluminum corners, minimal use of plastics and stainless steel small parts for long life in extreme weather conditions, six standard colors to closely match most exterior trim colors, dual adjustable die cast aluminum handles, Teflon-infused plastic for smooth operation, bottom rail dust cover, and DIY replaceable fabric assembly.”

All of this is available for less than $200, including free FedEx ground shipping to the lower 48 states, and backed by the Screen Solutions Inc. limited lifetime warranty.

Custom-Built Retractable Screens for RVs

Custom-Built Retractable Screens for RVs

The Plissé retractable screen is the only retractable screen door currently available in North America with an optional bottom rail dust cover.

Plissé retractable screens come in six standard colors:

  • Bright White
  • French Creme
  • Desert Sand
  • Mocha Tan *new
  • Metallic Silver *new
  • Oiled Bronze

Special order colors and custom color matching are available for customers who need the frame of their Plissé retractable screens to exactly match their door or window trim. The price for this service varies depending on how specialized the color is in powder coat.

Plissé Retractable Door Screen Prices

Single doorways up to 49 inches and 82 inches tall: $199

Single doorways up to 49 inches and 98 inches tall: $219

Single doorways up to 60 inches and 82 inches tall: $269

Single doorways up to 60 inches and 108 inches tall: $299

To learn more or purchase your own Plisse retractable screen, visit the website (SEE link below)


Screen Solutions Inc.

ScreenSolutionsIncScreen Solutions, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the exclusive manufacturer and online retailer of the elegant Plissé (pronounced plee-say) retractable screen for all styles of doors and windows.

Address: 6705 Hwy. 290 W., Ste. 502, Austin, TX 78735

Phone: (866) 571-8870 (toll free)


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