Multi-Functional Traveler Table Compliments the Campsite

RVers can now pull into their favorite campsite, meet up with old friends, enjoy an evening of stories and laughs, and not have to worry that their favorite beverages might spill.

Multi-Functional Traveler Table Compliments the Campsite

Multi-Functional Traveler Table Compliments the Campsite

The Traveler Table, with its four built in cup holders, is like having two extra sets of hands that will let users enjoy their company and minimize worries about beverages spilling on the ground. The Traveler, in addition to the cup holders, also comes with a removable serving tray that makes it neat and easy to pass around favorite party food.

“It’s a concern of many of us who want to enjoy a day or evening with friends,” said Joe Perri, CEO of The Table Server.

“We realize that at most campgrounds the ground is not always a level surface. The Traveler Table, in teak or acacia, has deep cup holders that will safely hold most glasses, cans, or bottles. The result is that campers will spill less and therefore have less to clean up.”

The Traveler Table offers campers an attractive multi-functional piece of quality furniture that will help them keep the party going and will also travel easily to the next stop on the itinerary. The Traveler Table comes with its own canvas travel case and folds flat for easy storage.

“When you want to set up for your next party, simply take it out of the case and with no tools necessary, you’ll be ready in minutes for your next party,” said Perri.


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