Airstream Releases First Live Riveted Owner Story

An earlier story announced the introduction of Airstream’s new social-media driven campaign, “Live Riveted”.

Airstream-riveted-desigairstream-n1-higher-res2-copyThe campaign, which launches with a 90-second video, consumer manifesto, and “live riveted challenge”, is anchored by a new microsite (SEE link below)

“Every day I meet people who are doing great things in this world and are inspiring others to do more,” said Mollie Hansen, Airstream’s VP of Marketing.

“We believe this group will motivate others to share their stories and help grow the Live Riveted  community.”

Jackson Center, Ohio-based Airstream has now released the brand’s first “Live Riveted” stories  that feature video in a continuation of the company’s Live Riveted campaign designed to capture the spirit of the Airstream lifestyle.

The first video focuses on Tim Flannery, champion baseball coach, musician, surfer and philanthropist, and showcases personal and inspiring stories capturing his passion for living life to its fullest.

“Our goal through this unique campaign is to create and connect a community of people that encompasses the spirit of the Airstream experience,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO.

“Tim is a perfect example of someone who has a passion for life and philanthropy that cannot be ignored. Whether on the road in his Airstream, coaching baseball or playing benefit concerts, his inspirational life embodies what it means to live riveted.”

Airstream Introduces Free Live Riveted Mobile App

Airstream Introduces Free Live Riveted Mobile App

As a former MLB player with the San Diego Padres and current third-base coach for the San Francisco Giants, Flannery’s passion for life transcends baseball as he spends his free time as a talented songwriter, avid surfer, and musician with his band The Lunatic Fringe.

Flannery’s philanthropic efforts also have helped raise funds for the Bryan Stow Fund. Stow suffered traumatic injuries from an incident on Opening Day 2011, and through benefit concerts, CD sales, and silent auctions, Flannery has raised more than $200,000 to help support the Stow family.

“I was thrilled to become part of Airstream’s Live Riveted community and share my story to encourage others to never give up and always live life to the fullest,” said Flannery.

“I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams each and every day, always seeking new experiences, and for me that is what Airstream is all about.”

Tim Flannery is one of many stories shared by inspiring people who embody the Live Riveted lifestyle and featured as part of Airstream’s Live Riveted community.



Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer, is the oldest recreational vehicle manufacturer in North America.

Wally Byam designed the first Airstream trailer in the late 1920s, after his wife refused to go camping without a kitchen to cook in.

Airstream-3370040def3bede4The design of the Airstream was based on an aeroplane fuselage with lightweight aluminum and the effect was stunning, sleek and silver. It caused a sensation.

Following founder Wally Byam’s credo, “Let’s not make changes, let’s only make improvements,” Airstream has remained a timeless classic throughout its 82-year history.

A division of Thor Industries, Airstream is based in Jackson Center, Ohio.

Address: 419 West Pike Street, P.O. Box 629, Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629

Phone: (877) 596-6111


Airstream Live Riveted microsite:

Worth Pondering…

I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band,
I saw a needle that winked its eye.
But I think I will have seen everything
When I see an Airstream fly.

—music and lyrics by Oliver Wallace and Ned Washington, in Dumbo

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