Stromberg Introduces Rail Mate

Traverse City, Michigan-based Stromberg Carlson’s new Rail Mate is specifically designed to give the most support where it’s needed, when safely entering and exiting an RV.

Stromberg Introduces Rail Mate

Stromberg Introduces Rail Mate

Manufactured for comfort and ease of use, the Rail Mate is removable and mounts via a plate bolted to the RV’s steps.

The Rail Mate stores during travel and sets up in just minutes.

Other features include:

Lightweight and easy to install

Handle measures approximately 38 inches

Rail extends approximately 25 inches from the coach

Designed for all triple and quad entry steps, but can be modified by dealerships for two-step RVs

Made in the USA

The Rail Mate (Model AP-101) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $139.95.

can be ordered from major wholesale distributors, or directly from the company.


Stromberg Carlson Products Inc.

Address: 2323Traversefield Drive, Traverse City, MI 49685

Phone: (231) 947-8600


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