GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

In an earlier article I reported that Global Caravan Technologies Inc. (GCT), introduced an artist’s concepts for the CR-Series and upcoming launch of the CR-1 Carbon.

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

The Speedway, Indiana-based company has now introduced a prototype of its high-end carbon-fiber composite RV.

The CR-1 Carbon becomes the world’s first all-carbon fiber super-luxury RV designed for series production, utilizing technologies from multiple industries, including motorsports, automotive, IT, and aerospace.

“The CR-1 Carbon offers substantial benefits to consumers, including smart control functions, high fuel economy, high strength structures, and innovative luxury designs,” said Harrison Ding, chairman and president of GCT.

“Consumer-driven innovation is at the heart of GCT’s mission. We built a transformative product through collaborations with world-class partners.”

The company, which boasts partners such as Dallara, one of the world’s largest race car builders, and Purdue University, has recruited a veteran team of former IndyCar champions, along with aerospace technicians to build its state-of-the-art products.

The CR-1 Carbon was revealed during a private gala at the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway next to GCT’s R&D headquarters.

Guests of the event included Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann, Dallara USA CEO Stefano dePonti, officials from Purdue University, Indiana economic development officials, board members of the American China Society of Indiana (ACSI), and business leaders from overseas and the United States.

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

“GCT brings transformation to an industry we Hoosiers are already proud of,” said Lt. Governor Ellspermann.

“We’re very pleased to support this innovative company as it continues to grow.”

“The CR-1 Carbon is GCT’s proud achievement today,” said CEO and Chief Product Architect Charles Hoefer.

“This product demonstrates our capabilities, and we are not slowing down as we are making plans to launch a super-luxury fifth wheel, along with plans to begin motorhome development in 2015.”

Notable CR-1 Carbon Standards:

  • All-carbon fiber construction for massive weight reduction and strength gain
  • Bonded structure provides moisture block and superior product lifespan
  • Custom luxury automotive designed exterior lighting
  • Carbon fiber entry door and exterior doors with marine hardware
  • High-design interior fusing leather and carbon fiber styling in impeccable luxury
  • Large rear entertainment/lounge area doubles as workstation
  • Walk-through master bath with custom features
  • Flush-body design for enhanced towing, better clearance and maneuverability

“Style and craftsmanship are blended uniquely together in the CR-1 Carbon to pave way for unprecedented luxury standards and options, making camping more glamorous,” according to the new redesigned Website.

“The CR-1 Carbon is the first of many planned products in the CR-Series, and is one of the more premium offerings for super-luxury towables by GCT. Customers can take a step even further into super-luxury by selecting a custom build, or as a more practical option the CR-1 Luxury will blend carbon fiber content with full-time camping in mind.”

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

GCT released additional details and new images of the CR-1 Carbon yesterday (March 9) via the company’s website. The virtual launch included a new website for GCT, as the company aims to begin providing information to consumers regarding the CR-1 Carbon and other upcoming models.

GCT’s CR-1 Carbon features an optional smart control platform, where nearly every electrical function of the unit can be monitored and controlled via iOS, Android, or PC operating systems. The platform allows for real-time system diagnostics and offsite control capabilities.

Notable CR-1 Carbon Options:

  • Smart control iOS/Android/PC software platform manages all system control functions
  • Smart control adjustable-tint privacy glass in front, rear, and bedroom ceiling
  • Up to 700W equivalent solar system with 300AH 5-year warranty AGM batteries
  • Integrated generator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Run-flat tires for improved highway towing safety
  • Second awning on off-door side of unit
  • Satellite TV and wi-fi router
GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

GCT Introduces First Carbon Fiber Composite RV

Backed in part by investment from China, GCT plans to market its products globally, making them available to markets in North America, China, Europe, and Australia.

Global Caravan Technologies, Inc.

Global Caravan Technologies, Inc. (GCT) is a luxury RV and specialty vehicle innovator,

committed to exceeding expectations of consumers in luxury markets worldwide, by focusing on design, innovation, and sustainability.

GCT has established a research and development facility next to the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway, Indiana to affirm its commitment to continuous innovation.

Address: 1180 Main Street, Speedway, IN 46224

Phone: (800) GCT-9028

Website: www.gctrv.com

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