Progressive Introduces New Package for LED Lights

Marshall, Michigan-based Progressive Dynamics Inc. is offering new packaging for its LED ceiling lights.

LED lights

LED lights

Four LED models are available, the single lens PD771WWLED and PD791WWLED and double lens PD772WWLED and PD792WWLED.

All four models feature large lenses and reflector design for excellent illumination and are made with heat-resistant, high impact polymer to minimize accidental damage.

The lights are easy to install and feature a snap-out lens design.


Progressive Dynamics, Inc.

Progressive Dynamics, Inc., a privately owned corporation, provides products for RV, specialty, marine and medical industries designed, manufactured, tested, warranted, and serviced in North America.

Products for the recreational vehicles industry include Power Centers, Power Converters, Charge Wizard, AC/DC Distribution Panels, Automatic Transfer Switches, and 12-volt Incandescent Lighting.

In recent years Progressive Dynamics have developed several new products for the RV Industry including 30 and 50-amp AC/DC distribution panels, 30 and 50-amp Automatic Transfer Switches, and introduced the new 9200 Series of Power Converters with the Charge Wizard built-in.

They also introduced their new line of panel converters and replacement converter sections.

Address: 507 Industrial Road, Marshall, MI 49068

Phone: (269) 781-4241


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