Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

It was last year that I reported on designer John Long’s re-launch of the Bowlus Road Chief—the rare American travel trailer that started it all more than 80 years ago.

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

Now, one year later, Bowlus Road Chief LLC is touting the resurrected aviation-inspired travel trailer.

The Bowlus Road Chief takes glamping to a whole new level and has provided a classic American travel trailer for modern adventurers.

More than just an aerodynamic sleek exterior, the Bowlus Road Chief, is “jam packed with ingenious function and tech-savvy features,” according to a news release.

“The Road Chief’s streamlined design might be a tribute to yesteryear, but its technology is as advanced as anything out there.”

Wireless antennas and power points are cleverly hidden yet easily accessible, as is everything else you need for both work and play.

The Bowlus has a unique front door design that easily loads big gear like paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, or bicycles, and the cleverly integrated lash points make it a simple matter to secure them for a journey.

“The Bowlus Road Chief boasts an interior that is as warm as it is clever,” according to the release.

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

“The Zen-like stateroom’s beds easily reconfigures from twins to almost a king. Other highlights include an efficient cook’s kitchen, and an expandable full bathroom complete with shower.”

The original Road Chief was created in the 1930s by aviation designer, Hawley Bowlus (he also built the Spirit of St. Louis). Its streamline design captured the American imagination when smooth, continuous, shiny aluminum skins were found to increase efficient movement.

But only 80 were produced before World War II shut down production. They’re expensive because they’re incredibly rare.

A few years ago, when John Long and Helena Mitchell, Canadian tech entrepreneurs took their vintage Road Chief on the road, they made a splash at the Modernism Show in Palm Springs, California.

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

Bowlus Road Chief: One Year Later

With everything from the propane tank to the air-conditioning unit tucked safely inside the strong shell, the Bowlus Road Chief is the world’s most aerodynamic travel trailer. Even the windows are flush and curved to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

You can choose from a variety of premium options to ensure your Road Chief reflects your personal style. You can order a Road Chief with a polished, mirror-shine exterior skin or you can request a satin finish.

You can select from any of the gorgeous pure linen luxury bedding, bath, and table linens from Libeco Home. Cushions are covered in Ultrafabrics and can be customized along with and any of the outdoor fabric for the awning from Sunbrella. All these choices are available at no extra charge.

Thanks to the low overall height of 7 feet 10 inches and the removable tongue (not as painful as it sounds) the Road Chief can be parked in a standard residential garage. The interior height is 6 feet 4 inches, length is 23.5 feet, and weighs in at less than 2,000 pounds.

The showerhead can be passed through the emergency exit to rinse off children, dogs, or sports gear.

Every original owner can choose a name for their Bowlus Road Chief which will appear on the fender skirt.

Because of this high level of craftsmanship, production of the Road Chief is limited and available only by prior reservation.

The price of a fully equipped Bowlus Road Chief is $100,000 plus applicable taxes, vehicle fees, and custom options, when picked up in Ventura County, California. Delivery anywhere in the U.S. is always available.


Bowlus Road Chief LLC

Bowlus Road Chief Specs

Bowlus Road Chief Specs

Inspired by timeless American style, the Bowlus Road Chief is expertly handcrafted from honest materials for a lifetime of adventures.

Bowlus Road Chief LLC is a privately held company.

Phone: (800) 651-7396


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