RV Dealership Captures Legacy with 1974 Holiday Rambler Trailer

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Veurinks’ RV Center is marking its 50th year as a Holiday Rambler, a milestone that was recognized by the Holiday Rambler RV Club at its rally in May.

Tim and Matt Veurink with vintage 1974 Holiday Rambler travel trailer

Tim and Matt Veurink with vintage 1974 Holiday Rambler travel trailer

Veurinks’ RV is promoting its longtime association with the iconic brand in a novel way.

Tim Veurink, son of the company’s founder Howard Veurink and current president, recently had the opportunity to buy an all original 1974 12-foot Holiday Ramblette travel trailer, according to a news release.

And a it turned out, it was the very first new Holiday Rambler that Veurink sold off the showroom floor when he was 16 years old.

“I received a message with some photos via Facebook from a lady south of town wanting to know if I could give her a value of her 1974 12-foot Holiday Ramblette,” Veurink said.

“When I saw the photos, I knew immediately that this was the one that I sold 39 years ago since there were very few 12-footers made and Veurinks had only sold one. I struck a deal with the seller and pulled the trailer back home and it now sits in the dealership’s showroom.”

Anticipating the 50th anniversary, Veurink said he had been looking for a 1963 Holiday for several years that would represent the first new Holiday Rambler trailer sold by the dealership.

“I did not want a big project of reconditioning, but I just could not find one that was in good enough condition,” he said.

“The 1974 was in amazing condition, all original, and since this was the unit that I had sold in 1974 we thought it would have a great story and I just had to buy it.”

Veurink said that the Ramblette has been a big hit, adding, “Often people ask if they can buy it but it is not for sale.”


Veurinks’ RV Center

Veurinks’ RV Center is a dealer for Holiday Rambler, KZRV, Dutchmen, Venture RV, and Coachmen lines.

Address: 7144 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Phone: (616) 281-5111 or (800) 822-5292 (toll free)

Website: veurinksrv.com

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