Luxury Getaway in a Formula 1 Palatial Motorhome

A glittering tour bus, once home to Formula 1 stars, is now available as a unique seven star hotel experience.

icon experiencesThe 500 square foot palace—dubbed the Icon—sleeps up to four people. Reaching speeds of up to 100 mph, this lavish tour bus costs £8,000 ($13,180) per night.

Luxurious features include a granite floor, master bedroom, a dressing table and walk-in wardrobe, en-suite bathroom with gold fittings, and a widescreen TV.

The Icon is a living piece of history, built for life on the race circuits of Europe and has been home to three Formula One drivers, two being World Champions.

In 1997 the then current Formula One World Champion Jacques Villeneuve commissioned a very special motorhome to be hand built by Newell. Eighteen months later and the first million dollar palace-on-wheels was completed. Jacques spent his early years touring the Formula One race circuits in a motorhome with his father Gilles Villeneuve, so he knew precisely how he wanted his to be.

With no expense spared, what is now call the Icon was created. The motorhome was built to the highest specification using the most luxurious fittings and innovative ideas available, a real home away from home with a 7 star feel.

Luxury Getaway in a Formula 1 Palatial Motorhome

Luxury Getaway in a Formula 1 Palatial Motorhome

Mika Salo, the Finnish Formula One driver, bought the Icon from Jacques and had the distinctive red and flame design hand airbrushed by two specialist Swedish artists.

The Icon then went on to become a base for the 2009 Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button, who owned it from 2003 until 2011. Putting his own finish on the Icon, Jenson traveled in style throughout Europe, maintaining her in first class condition.

Not just a home for the world of Formula One Champions, the Icon has also stylishly accommodated other world famous celebrities. Even today, the same support team work for Icon Experiences that took care of the Formula One drivers and celebrities that have stayed in her.

The Icon Experience provides more than just luxury accommodation in a perfect location. With 24 hour support team always discreetly on hand, every detail of hiring a motorhome is taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and while all the necessary daily chores are taken care of, ensuring you have the perfect relaxing stay.

Icon Experiences will tailor make a package to suit the individual. From your initial enquiry an events planner gives you personal service to meet your every need and desire.

Luxury Getaway in a Formula 1 Palatial Motorhome

Luxury Getaway in a Formula 1 Palatial Motorhome

Simply select a destination anywhere in Europe, whether it be Monaco or Glastonbury, or simply a secluded country retreat, and the Icon will be brought to you and supplied with a driver should you wish to change location during your stay. You will also have your own gourmet chef and butler completing your 24 hour support team.

Offering first class service, Icon Experiences aims to provide all the luxury and comfort expected.

Icon Experiences is part of the Icon brand founded by Andrew Morris. The Icon brand is a range of high end products all created around Andrew’s passions outside of his normal business life.

With 25 years experience in the freight industry, owning a successful International shipping group has never kept the entrepreneur in Andrew fully occupied. With a love of motor racing and rowing, he has brought together his design skills, ambition, and drive to create what now is the Icon brand.

Being keen motorsport fans, Icon F1 Ltd also owns and races a Lotus F1 car. Access issues at race meetings meant that Icon F1 Ltd needed some form of on-site accommodation.

When Jenson’s Button’s ex motorhome became available, the chance of owning such a prestigious piece of motorsport history could not be missed, and so the Icon motorhome came on board.

Icon experiences home2Icon F1 Ltd decided that a motorhome with such heritage, comfort, and luxury should be available to be enjoyed by like minded people looking for the ultimate in hospitality and comfort. Offering driver, support team, concierge service and idyllic locations, Icon F1 Ltd introduced Icon Experiences.

Not only can you hire the Icon luxury motorhome, Icon F1 Ltd also has a fleet or rare and exotic cars available for hire, including our Lotus F1 car.

Worth Pondering…

The fast, flowing parts, the high-speed corners, that’s where a Formula One car is at its best—changes of direction, pulling high g-forces left and right.

— Jenson Button

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