Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Vintage trailers and caravans continue their popularity among RVers and caravanners.

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Feast your eyes on this beautiful classic LMC caravan, which is now listed for sale on eBay.

This used but still remarkably well preserved caravan is perfect for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in a stylish yet quaint, quiet area, away from the daily grind of life, reports

With a distinctively feminine appearance, this vintage caravan is a 1973 Lord Munsterland Company model that has faithfully served its previous owners as a pop-up shop for their business.

Fondly known as Vera, the caravan has a very soothing and pleasing effect on the eye as it has been decorated with in light shades of pink and white.

Even more endearing for any loving heart, is the fact that Vera has been reupholstered in Cath Kidston fabrics, according to

The ‘mix and match’ effect enhances the homeliness of the interior of the caravan, making Vera warm and inviting for its inhabitants.

Also, as Cath Kidston fabrics subtly brighten up an interior without overdoing any colors, their overall effect within Vera is suitably vintage.

This is because the fabrics are classily stylish and are reminiscent of an understated, muted feel. This should resonate with any true lover of anything vintage.

A German-based company, Lord Munsterland Company was prominent in the 1990s. Prior to this, the man who eventually became the company head designed his first caravan known as ‘Bud’, in 1955.


Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Primarily producing caravans as well as motorhomes for the European market, Munsterland expanded its production facilities in the ’80s, as its products grew more and more popular.

Today, it continues the produce range of caravans and motorhomes that utilize long life as well as lightweight technology.

As a result, Vera can be seen to possess a strong cultural and historical background that could make owning her an even more exciting purchase, reports.

Small, yet adequate for anyone who values their privacy, Vera is a four-berth with convertible rear bunks and a parallel front lounge, along with lovely Cath Kidston curtains for privacy.

The interiors also include a blue and white diner-style floor, complete with a dining table.

On the other hand, the woodwork, including the inside table, have been decorated in colors of light blue, white, and pink.

Adding additional spark, are the alcoves, which have been covered by floral and polka-dot wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the heater and fridge have been removed from inside the caravan, in order to increase storage space.

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

There is also evidence of the caravan having been used in the past as certain scratches and other signs of wear and tear are present.

For instance, last year a certain amount of water leaked through the back window, resulting in a mark on the underside of the cushion pad. However, this appears to have only occurred that one time due to heavy rains.

Also, as a lightweight and compact caravan, Vera can be towed easily for camping trips or any other events that the new owners may have in mind.

Vera’s current owners have reluctantly decided to part with her as their time is now occupied by their new permanent shop.

They hope Vera finds a loving, new home.

This unique caravan can only be viewed by prior arrangement and is available for bidding but with only two days left before she is sold, you may want to hurry.

The winning bidder will be required to pay a £300 deposit on winning the auction and the caravan must be collected and paid for by Christmas.

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Vintage Equals Timeless Beauty: 1973 Cath Kidston LMC

Fact File

Price: £300 (reserve not met)

Location: Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Berth: Four

Axle: Single

To view or place a bid on eBay, click here.

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