The Portable RV Deck & Sidekick Have Arrived

Decked Out RV Products Inc. announced the launch of its low-profile, lightweight, portable decks designed specifically for RV owners.

RV Deck Artisan Series

RV Deck Artisan Series

The RV Deck offers the convenience of a deck that can be used anywhere RVers call home, an option not previously available to RVers on the move.

“In an industry that is continuously seeking enhancements for its consumers, the RV Deck and the Sidekick offer the next evolution in outdoor accessories, further reinforcing the ‘home away from home’ convenience RVing is known for,” says Lyall Wiebe, president of Decked Out RV Products, in a news release.

“Based on our research of the marketplace, this is the first truly portable deck that can easily go everywhere RVers travel.”

When traveling, the RV Deck stores in a transport case under the RV or in a lower storage compartment.

Because the deck is low profile and the transport case is only 4 1/2 inches deep, RVers won’t sacrifice valuable storage space.

RV Deck Alfresco Series

RV Deck Alfresco Series

The RV Deck and Sidekick are also lightweight, quick, and simple to set up.

The decks come in four sizes with four attractive low-maintenance surface options.

The Shore Series offers engineered composite surfaces in teak and in mahogany while the Alfresco Series is sapele and the Artisan Series is Teak.

“With all the portable amenities now available to RVers, people expect their RV will have an air conditioner, an awning, a slide-out—all the conveniences that make their RV a comfortable home to travel in,” said Wiebe.

“Conveniences have evolved into necessities. We expect the RV Deck is the newest ‘must have’ enhancement.”


Decked Out RV Products Inc.

Sept_22_13_0749_webDecked Out RV Products brings products to the RV market to enhance your RV lifestyle.

The RV Deck and the Sidekick exemplify the home away from home RV experience and enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Development began as a result of the Wiebe family’s experiences RVing through Canada and the United States in a motorhome.

Dissatisfied with the limitations, inconveniences, and potential health risks (mildew and mold) of outdoor carpet or mats, they sought a more solid, easily maintained option.

Their priorities were easy transportation, convenience, ease of use, and low maintenance.

The RV Deck and Sidekick are about both form and function. Their products have been tested to ensure long-lasting durability and appearance. Both decks are easy to store, deploy, and put away no matter the weather conditions.

Sept_22_13_05111Address: P.O. Box 38083, East St. Paul, Manitoba  R2E 1H3

Phone: (204) 505-2882 or (800) 962-4921 (toll free)


Worth Pondering…

The RV lifestyle is like nothing else.

It’s leaving home, exploring America, and yet bringing your home along with you!

Stopping at a wayside picnic area, preparing lunch in your kitchen.

It’s sleeping in your own bed every night, yet waking up to a new vista each morning!

The sounds of a crackling campfire; of a mountain stream, of frogs, and crickets.

It’s families drawn closer; it’s retirees being rewarded for many years of labor.

—Loren Eyrich, Two-Lane Roads

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