Protect All Wins 2nd Readers’ Choice Gold Award

Readers of MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines, two publications dedicated to promoting the RV lifestyle, were invited to vote for their favorite brands in 26 RV-centric product and service categories in separate “2013 Readers’ Choice Surveys.”

tycustomersThe winners have been announced, and the Protect All brand has been voted to receive the Gold Award, “best of the best” in the RV cleaner category in both surveys.

“The Protect All family is very proud to be voted the No. 1 brand in each of the two years the awards have been presented,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ken Neuman, in a news release.

“In automotive markets, the cleaner category encompasses all products that enhance appearance and provide surface protection.

“An endorsement of the Protect All “brand” is an endorsement of our entire line of specialty cleaners, waxes, treatments, protectants, and lubricants,” said Neuman.

“Providing products that work and make the RV lifestyle easier and more enjoyable is our business and these awards are evidence that we are meeting our objectives.”

Protect All, Inc. sincerely appreciates the effort made by the RVers who took the time to vote online, he added, thanking the consumers who share their Protect All brand product experiences with the company and their fellow RV enthusiasts.


Protect All, Inc.

made-in-california-manufacturer-protect-all-incThe Protect All brand has been a part of the RV, motorcycle, and industrial markets since the 1970’s offering value-focused products for appearance care and lubrication.

The Protect All brand highlights a history of dependable, customer-focused products, enabling long-term savings for the end user.

Protect All will celebrate 25 years of providing quality products to the RV community in 2014.

Protect All operates its manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California.

Address: 1910 E. Via Burton Street, Anaheim, CA 92806-1215

Phone: (714) 635-4491 or (800) 322-4491 (toll free)


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