Global Caravan Technologies Introduce Space Age RV Concept

Speedway, Indiana-based Global Caravan Technologies Inc. (GCT), introduced the artist’s concepts for the CR-Series and upcoming launch of the CR-1 Carbon.

Design concept of CR-1 Carbon

Design concept of CR-1 Carbon

The CR-1 Carbon RV is the world’s first RV to feature extensive carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) technology, and is designed with global collaborations, according to a company news release.

The artist’s renderings paved the framework for CR-Series design and engineering programs in the early summer of 2013. GCT’s technology partnerships have allowed much of the design to remain intact, including the concept for a “flush and integrated body.”

The CR-Series intentionally features “a tall and slippery exterior design,” said GCT’s CEO and Chief Product Architect Charles.

“We approached the development of the CR-Series with an absolute premium on interior space. We have really pushed the envelope in taking a new design to market, which features a modern exterior, yet brilliantly spacious interior.”

The CR-Series achieves excellent aerodynamics through new technologies that reduce drag, lower exterior height, and lower center of gravity.

Fuel economy is further aided by reductions in weight through GCT’s Rapid Composites Manufacturing (RCM) technology, giving the CR-Series a construction blueprint more akin to aircraft or supercars than conventional RVs.

Artist concept of CR-Series

Artist concept of CR-Series

GCT’s first product launch, the CR-1 Carbon travel trailer, features an industry-first floor plan with tall ceilings and loads of new technology for luxury RVers, at an overall length of 35 feet, 3 inches.

Harrison Ding, chairman and president for GCT, noted that the CR-1 Carbon’s design has been a truly global undertaking.

“We are proud to say that we engaged designers from Asia to the heart of the US auto industry in Detroit,” he said.

“In the mix were luxury RV enthusiasts, who helped point us in the right direction regarding new features and content.”

Important technology revisions have caused GCT to move the CR-1 Carbon unveiling to the first quarter of 2014.

We will provide further product details leading up to the launch as they become available.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Technology

Similar to fiberglass, carbon fiber is woven into a textile material and resin such as epoxy resin is applied and allowed to cure.

The resulting material that is very strong as it has the best strength to weight ration of all construction materials. It is an improvement on glass fiber reinforced plastic, although much more expensive.

High-performance polymers provide light, stable materials that also resist high temperatures, and find more and more applications from leisure goods to aerospace.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers tend to be used in the manufacture of expensive sports cars, where strong and light materials are required. Expensive, competition bicycles and motorbikes tend to have CFRP frames, forks, handlebars to keep weight to a minimum and yet retain great strength.

The Dreamliner from Boeing marked the launch of a new generation of airliners. Around 50 percent of the aluminum formerly used in aircraft construction has been replaced by Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer composites, which are lighter but at least equally stable.

Carmakers like BMW and carbon fiber manufacturers have teamed up to replace major car components with CFRP.


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