Dicor Introduces How-to Videos on RV Roof Care, Repair & Restore

Dicor Products has added more videos to its expanding library of helpful care, repair, and restore information for RV roofs.

Dicor-Rudy-videos-webpage-640x330Introduced by Dicor Products’ roofing expert icon, Rudy, the reports help RVers care for their units with the correct aftermarket cleaning, repairing, protecting, and restoring products, according to a company news release.

The videos and reports break down such projects as sealant repair, roof coating, and roof cleaning into easy-to-understand steps that encourage RVers to take better care of their RVs with the available products, adding value and longevity to their RVs.

“This is part of our ongoing outreach to the RV consumer and the RV aftermarket,” said Dave Majewski, vice president of sales and marketing for Dicor Products.

“There are many things the RV owner can do for themselves to care for and preserve the value of their RV. The roof is oftentimes an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ part of the RV, but it should actually be the last thing that is ‘out of mind’ because it is so vital to protecting the RV and its contents. These videos are meant to empower RV owners with the proper techniques and materials to keep their roofs in good condition.”

dicor-products-roof“You could look at it as a ‘Roof Awareness’ program that can enhance the RV experience and help RVers make optimum use of the aftermarket products available. These are all things dealers and manufacturers should get behind.”

Rudy, The Dicor Products Answer Man

Dicor Products wants to make your RV ownership experience as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Rudy has many of the answers you need.

Visitors to Dicor Products’ care page can also sign-up for twice-monthly e-bulletins on these topics while accessing a broad range of articles along with such videos as:

  • Coating a Metal RV Roof
  • Cleaning and Protecting an RV Roof
  • RV Roof Repair
  • Determine Your RV Roof Type
  • Applying Lap Sealants

Some of the articles also address wheel cover and tire care/inflation topics.


Dicor Products

epdm-tpoDicor Products has been a leading supplier of component products to RV manufacturers since 1984, most notably as a supplier of premium roofing products.

We are also well established in the RV aftermarket, where they’re well known for roofing repair and care products and wheel covers. Thier Versa-Liner wheel cover brand, in fact, has more than one million sets in service.

In a brand restructuring, Dicor Products has recently been recast as one of four affiliated company brands of Dicor Corporation, which also include Seal Design, United Shade, and Vixen Composites.

Dicor Corporation is the overall corporate umbrella for the different companies, including Dicor Products, each of which operates independently with its own customers, while sharing a common ethic of service and innovative product development.

Address: 2965 LaVanture Place, Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: (800) 837-2059 (toll free)

Website: dicorproducts.com

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