Pushing the Airstream Boundaries

Airstream continues to aggressively reposition its line of signature aluminum trailers to appeal to affluent, style-conscious adventurers.

The interior of a 1962 Airstream trailer customized in midcentury modern style (Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

The interior of a 1962 Airstream trailer customized in midcentury modern style (Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

In 2011, Airstream introduced a prototype design for a model called the Sterling, the latest in a series of Airstreams with interiors designed by Sausalito, California, industrial designer and architect Christopher C. Deam.

The Sterling went into production last year with bright aluminum walls on the inside (traditional Airstreams have floor-to-ceiling paneling), stainless-steel appliances, and brightly colored flooring in either “Arctic Dijon” green or “obsidian violet.”

The latest prototype from Airstream, the posh, 28-foot “Land Yacht” trailer, was designed by Mauro Micheli, international renown as a designer of multimillion-dollar superyachts. Airstream has yet to announce future plans for the Land Yacht.

For a few Airstream fans, the company’s efforts at pushing the boundaries simply aren’t enough. For them, there are companies like Timeless Travel Trailers, of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, that create one-of-a-kind custom interiors inside an Airstream’s classic aluminum shell.

Brett Hall, president of Timeless Trailers, says prices for his custom overhauls of Airstream trailers vary. Rehabbing a vintage 25-foot trailer starts at about $125,000, with larger jobs topping $200,000, he says—not including the cost of the trailer itself.

For nearly 30 years, Hall worked in railroad passenger car operations. His expertise was all-encompassing, from structures to mechanical and from systems to interiors.

(Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

(Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

From 1994 to 1999, he was a founding Vice President of the American Orient Express Railway Company overseeing the rebuilding of over 50 luxury railcars for the company’s fleet of rail-cruise trains.

After the sale of the railroad company, Hall switched careers moving into general contracting. Within a short time, he was back into his true passion—remanufacturing beautiful travel vehicles, only this time it was trailers rather than train cars.

The other partners of Timeless Travel Trailers include David Burner, retired CEO and chairman of the Goodrich Corporation (formerly BF Goodrich) and Sandra Burner, retired Vice Chancellor of Indiana University.

Timeless Travel Trailers operate a 13,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, an acre-large storage area, and employ over 25 craftspeople and technicians in northwest duburban Denver just one mile off of I-70 and only 30 minutes from Denver International Airport.

The lot and the workshop are filled with vintage Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Streamlines, Spartans, Avions, and other trailers.

The Timeless Travel Trailer team love the vintage lifestyle afforded by trailers of yesteryear. Most of their projects leave the plant as essentially new vehicles. Timeless Travel Trailer is the only vehicle manufacturer in North America that certifies their vintage trailers as meeting the 2008 codes and regulations for Recreational Vehicles when they complete them.

They certify that everything they remanufacture is up to current electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, fire protection, and life safety codes and meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or the requirements of the country of destination where the coach will be used.

Timeless Travel Trailers employ a third-party engineering firm to evaluate each and every chassis before beginning the remanufacturing process.

(Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

(Source: timelesstraveltrailers.com)

They bring the shells of these recreational vehicles back to life and fill them with amenities to suit their individual owners’ tastes and desires.

Every trailer is unique and road-worthy. It’s what they call “One for the Road.”


Timeless Travel Trailers

Phone: (303) 432-7007

Website: timelesstraveltrailers.com

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