AMP Acquires Workhorse from Navistar

Cincinnati-based AMP Holding Inc., through a newly formed subsidiary, Amp Truck Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Workhorse brand, logo, IP, patents, and assembly plant from Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Navistar International Corp.

workhorseWorkhorse was the first chassis manufacturer to design and build a chassis specifically for the Class A Gas motor home market.

AMP plans to produce step-vans and other vehicle types using the former Workhorse Custom Chassis plant in Union City, Indiana, according to a news release.

The parties expect to close the acquisition on or about March 13.

A specific timetable to re-open the Workhorse plant will be announced as the transition occurs and order backlogs are established.

With this acquisition AMP will be positioned to be the first truck OEM in the United States to offer a range of alternative fuel vehicles produced in an automated assembly plant.

By offering an all-electric Workhorse chassis along with gasoline powered, and alternative-fuel powered models, AMP will become a premier OEM capable of building alternative fuel vehicles for the commercial market.

AMP’s vehicles will be sold and supported through the existing Workhorse network of 440 dealers.

“Our acquisition of the Workhorse assets will enable us to continue producing the premium-quality chassis that Workhorse is known for while giving us the perfect platform for our battery-electric power-train technology,” said Steve Burns, CEO of AMP.

“It makes good strategic sense for us and we expect to be well positioned to meet the ever increasing demands of the market.”


MP Holding Inc.

MP Holding Inc. is a development-stage company.

The Company is engaged in design, manufacture and sale of modified automobiles and commercial trucks with an all electric drivetrain and battery system.

The Company is developing its operations through a sale, design, and manufacturing facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

AMP Electric Vehicles, Inc. (AMP) converts internal combustion engine based vehicles to all electric powertrains, provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with AMP designed and integrated modular electric components and provides electric powertrain engineering to end-users.

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