Top Pet Friendly RV Parks

An estimated 60 percent of RVers travel with their pets, according to recent studies.

Good-Sam-Club-logo-300x259When it comes to selecting a campground, these travelers seek out RV parks that offer a wide range of pet-friendly amenities, from dog runs to trails for dog walking to flexible rules that allow their particular breed of dog.

To assist pet owners find campgrounds and RV parks that open their arms to canines and other travel companions, Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory has compiled a list of the Top Pet Friendly Parks of 2013. Featuring RV parks from across North America, the list is tailored for RV travelers seeking facilities that welcome pet owners.

Fortunately, many RV parks throughout North America welcome travelers’ four-legged companions with perks ranging from dog runs to pet-friendly policies.

The operators of these parks realize that dogs need more than collars and leashes when they go camping. They require wide-open spaces to run and pet rules that allow owners to take their animal friends for walks around the campground property.

Travel blog reports that pet owners in the U.S. spend $47.4 billion annually on their pets. Among the pet owners who take their animals on the road, 78 percent bring their dogs, 15 percent travel with cats and the rest brings birds, reptiles, or fish.

Traveling With Fido

petsMany RV parks set aside large areas where dogs can frolic after being cooped up in an RV for extended periods of time.

A fenced-in dog run enables canines to run around leash free at Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka, Kansas.

“Dog owners appreciate when you provide facilities for their animals,” says Todd Denius, owner of Royal View at Royal Gorge Campground in Colorado half-acre is set aside for pooches.

“For many people, pets are like their children.”

The park also boasts three miles of trails suitable for dog walking, although a leash is required for dog walking on the trails.

“It lets dogs burn off some energy after a long day of traveling,” added Denius, who owns three dogs.

Denius requires pet owners to review the campground’s policy regarding pets when checking in. They include requirements to clean up after the animal and avoid leaving barking dogs inside vehicles for prolonged periods of time.

Garden Of The Gods Campground, Colorado Springs, Colorado, allows up to three dogs per site but bans pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.

Pet experts say that although traveling with pets can be fun and rewarding, RVers should consider a number of factors. Travelers should make sure their rig is large enough to accommodate an animal, and the pets should have up-to-date tags with contact information. Owners should always make sure their pet has the necessary immunization shots.

The Good Sam RV Travel Guide’s Top Pet Friendly Parks of 2013 are:

Good Life RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona

Sun Life RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona
Sunflower RV Resort, Surprise, Arizona
Circle RV Resort – Sunland, El Cajon, California
Rio Bend RV & Golf Resort, El Centro, California
Garden Of The Gods Campground, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Royal View at Royal Gorge Campground, Canon City, Colorado
Ocala Sun RV Resort, Ocala, Florida
Deer Creek Valley RV Park Llc, Topeka, Kansas
Evergreen Park R.V. Resort, Mount Eaton, Ohio
Horn Rapids RV Resort, Richland, Washington


Good Sam RV Travel Guide

02-Feb-Pet-87801544In the listings found in the 2013 Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory, pet restrictions are indicated by breed (B), quantity (Q), or size (S). If pets are prohibited, “No Pets” will appear.

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