Tampa SuperShow RV Resort Participation & Kidd-Eyster Fuel Survey

Tallahassee, Florida-based Kidd RV Resort Consulting, an integrated marketing firm specializing in the RV industry, reports on RV resort participation at the recent Tampa RV SuperShow and the Kidd-Eyster annual motorcoach resort fuel survey gathered at the show.

RV Resort Participation

2013 Tampa RV SuperShow

2013 Tampa RV SuperShow

RV resort participation remained flat at the recent Tampa RV SuperShow.

Twenty-five resorts were represented this year, the same as last year, but down from 53 during 2011. The 25 resorts represented 10 no-shows from the previous year, replaced by 10 new resorts to the show this year.

According to self reports, sales and interest at RV resorts represented at the show have been strong year over year.

“The resorts that we are associated with, such as Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, Sunnybrook RV Resort, Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort, and Heritage Motor Coach Resort, enjoyed double-digit sales this past year, which we find very encouraging,” says Jerry Kidd, president of Kidd RV Consulting in a news release.

“The 10 new resorts represented at the 2013 Tampa RV SuperShow are at lower price points than the more luxurious resorts that didn’t attend this year, such as Heritage and Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama. In fact, Heritage did not attend the show this year due to selling out most of their lots prior to the start of 2013.”

Kidd-Eyster Fuel Survey

Regarding the Kidd-Eyster annual motorcoach resort fuel survey gathered at the show, this year’s results demonstrated that RVers’ driving habits were unchanged during 2012. Sentiments have remained the same with respondents indicating that if fuel prices continue to decline, more than 70 percent of RVers would increase their travel plans or behaviors.

“As in 2012, the majority of RVers responded that they would travel until fuel prices reach $8/gallon which is looking like it’s a long way off. Fuel prices are continuing to head down, and RVers are beginning to feel more positive, indicating RVers will be getting out on the road even more in the year to come,” Kidd said.


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