RV Trip Wizard Updates Features

RV Trip Wizard (RVTW), a visual planning tool designed for RVers by RVers, listens to its users.

RV Trip Wizard Anim“Since its introduction, RVTW has encouraged users to suggest capabilities that would make their planning activity more fun and effective,” said Rick Sayers, president of RVTW in a news release.

“One such request was to add a way to output turn-by-turn driving instructions.”
Research was done by polling users; the results indicated that about half wanted this feature, so the RV Trip Wizard design team created the capability.

“The new feature makes navigating a trip a breeze even when no cell or computer connections are available,” according to Sayers.

This newest update is one of a number of features suggested by users and implemented by the RVTW team. Because RV Trip Wizard is a site based service, updates become available to all users immediately.

Featured in the May 2012 issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine, and in the current Passport America online newsletter, RV Trip Wizard addresses the often difficult task of how to plan long, multi-stop trips.

The visual way in which the system works makes trip planning fast, easy, and fun, says Sayers.

Also with RVTW, campground owners have the ability to enter and update information about their campgrounds for free, insuring better visibility to potential customers.

Targeted smart ads are also available to campgrounds. These are banner ads that appear only when the planner is within 50 miles of the campground or RV dealer. Thus, users aren’t barraged by ads that would never help them locate a campground or dealer that they could reasonably travel to.

RV Trip Wizard enewsletter_images_rv_trip_wizard_headerRVTW is accessible from all PCs, MACs, tablet computers, and smart phones. There is no software to buy, maintain, or update.

A subscription includes a 15-day free trial.

How The Wiz Works

How long does it take you to plan a trip of 300, 500, 1000 miles or more?

A long time, right? You may well use numerous campground directories, CDs, and online planners.

The frustrating problem is that most of these tools list only the campgrounds affiliated with the publisher! Or they provide you a “plan” only by email. And, like so many RVers, you may have several campground memberships and need to use many “tools” requiring considerable time when planning a trip.

Campgrounds and RV parks in the RVTW include: Good Sam, KOA, Yogi Bear, Encore, Best Parks in America, Escapees, FMCA, BLM campgrounds, Passport America, Happy Camper, Thousand Trails, Western Horizon, Coast to Coast, AOR, RPI, Resorts of Distinction (ROD), North American Camping Club. Recreation USA, Corps of Engineers campgrounds, city and county campgrounds, Military family campgrounds, National Park campgrounds, State Park campgrounds, Canadian National and Provincial Park campgrounds, and AAA.

The Wiz is a VISUAL planning tool that lets you actually SEE your route and ALL the parks as you plan.

In other words, doing things the way YOU want to—just click and GO!


RV Trip Wizard Inc. (RVTW)

RV Trip Wizard head1RV Trip Wizard Inc. (RVTW) is a small group of devoted RVers and supporters who feel they have found a need and are filling it. They’ve done the baseline work and now to make things even better, need the help of all you RV Wizards around the country.

Once you begin using the system help to make this tool ever better by giving your feedback to make the site better, your suggestions, campground corrections, and additions.

Address: 13432 NW 135th Drive, Alachua, FL 32615

Phone: (941) 870-2297

Website: rvtripwizard.com

Worth Pondering…

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