Go RVing Canada: Top 5 Trends in 2012

The past year saw growth on many levels for the RV industry.

GoRVingCanada-6a00e54f91645288340154344020f0970c-500wiThe year kicked off with outstanding RV show attendance figures and moved into the summer with a jump in RV sales.

The RV industry has seen a change in ownership trends, overall growth of the industry, a national sales rebound, increased outdoor engagement, and an evolution in the economic benefits for the RV traveler, according to a news release.

The top 5 RV trends in 2012 were:

Majority of RV owners under the age of 55

The RV industry is seeing a significant increase in young families, busy career couples, outdoor enthusiasts as well as retirees embarking on their first RV adventure.

Towable trailers most popular RVs sold in 2012

There are over one million RVs on Canada’s roads with over 14 percent of all households owning an RV. Starting at just $6,000, consumers are taking advantage of the variety of units available.

The most popular RVs sold were the towable RVs, which include the folding camping trailer and fifth wheel RV.

While other travel sectors continue to struggle and see declines, RV sales surged 13 percent this year

LogoGoRVingBy mid-summer, RV sales had increased on a national level by 13 percent compared to 2011 with Alberta seeing the largest sales increase of 42 percent. The biggest factor driving this is the affordability of the lifestyle as RV purchase prices are at historic lows.

A number of other factors include intense competition in the industry, increased consumer awareness, and a strong Canadian dollar.

More Canadians are spending time outdoors

90 percent of RV owners say RVing is the best way to see the country. Many campground operators have begun the process of upgrading their sites to accommodate the increase of RV travelers to their campgrounds.

The Alberta government announced mid-summer that they were investing $24 million this year into modernizing several of its campgrounds, as they noted the increase in number of people using RVs versus tents.

Raw cost savings

In February, Go RVing Canada released results of a cost comparison study conducted by PKF consulting that proved RV vacations can be up to 78 percent less expensive than all other forms of travel. This statistic has increased by 3 percent since the last study, conducted in 2009.

The associated savings come from a variety of factors including the flexibility of cooking in your RV, as well as the low cost of accommodation.

“RVers share a great passion for the lifestyle and it’s easy to recognize the many benefits associated with it,” said Go RVing Executive Director, Chris Mahony.

“What the 2012 RV trends show is that RVing clearly remains a popular vacation choice, especially for those who are looking for an affordable vacation that offers freedom, flexibility, and fun.”

RV Stats

  • There are over 1 million RVs on the road in Canada
  • Starting at $6,000, there is an RV for every budget
  • The Canadian RV industry is valued at over $3 billion
  • 90 percent of owners say that their number one priority is seeing the country
  • Studies show that it is up to 78 percent cheaper to vacation with an RV versus a regular vacation
  • Many RVs can be used throughout the year
  • 90 percent of owners say that it is the best way to travel with kids
  • 40 percent of RV families have children


Go RVing Canada

GoRVing.heading.croppedThe Go RVing Canada coalition was formed in 1997, and consists of RV manufacturers, RV dealers, and campground operators.  The coalition serves as the Canadian RV camping industry ambassador to provide the public and media with information about the benefits of RV travel.

The coalition also seeks to enhance consumer information and satisfaction with the RV experience.

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