Innovative Energy Introduces Arctic Package for RVs

Three months ago, Lowell, Indiana-based Innovative Energy announced it was launching a program to support RV manufacturers that purchased its Arctic Package insulation.

As of mid-October, the Indiana-based manufacturer of reflective insulation products has become the principal register of the trademark for Arctic Package.

“The popularity of the Arctic Package program within the RV industry is growing and the feedback we’ve received thus far is very encouraging,” said Eric Baker, executive director for RV and technical at Innovative Energy.

“Arctic Package offers the insulation RV owners need so, of course, RV manufacturers are going to have a strong interest in it.”

Innovative Energy plans to establish Arctic Package as a feature RVers come to recognize as a symbol of energy efficiency and comfort in RVs, while also establishing it as a feature RV manufacturers recognize as marketable, Baker explained.

Arctic Package

Arctic Package is an example of a hybrid insulation system whereby the performance of conventional mass insulation used in RVs is enhanced by the addition of R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier in conjunction with mass insulation.

This hot box test demonstrates how the addition of R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier enhances the ability of conventional mass insulation to reduce heat transfer. (Source:

R+HEATSHIELD provide a reflective surface that blocks up to 95 percent of radiant heat transfer.

Innovative Energy’s Arctic Package delivers improved comfort and energy efficiency by helping interior spaces cool down faster in hot weather, and warm up faster in cold weather.

R+HEATSHIELD can dramatically improve thermal performance and energy efficiency, keeping energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable.

Reflective insulation and radiant barriers are key to maximizing thermal performance and energy efficiency of insulation within an RV.

Innovative Energy products are perfectly suited to help maintain comfortable internal temperatures in an RV, especially in extreme external air temperature situations.

Unlike mass insulation, Innovative Energy’s reflective insulation products are very thin — ideal for installation in the thin wall and roof construction of an RV. The products’ reflective properties help prevent radiant heat transfer, for energy efficiency and comfort year-round.

Innovative Energy’s Arctic Package helps improve the thermal efficiency of RVs by enhancing the performance of conventional insulation used in RVs.

Key Benefits of RV Reflective Insulation Products include:

  • Improve overall thermal performance of the insulation system
  • Reduce overall energy consumption
  • Interior comfort levels are easier to achieve and maintain
  • Thin materials allow for reduction in mass insulation requirements
  • Custom sizes available, including 8-foot widths


Innovative Energy, Inc.

Innovative Energy plans to establish Arctic Package® as a feature RVers come to recognize as a symbol of energy efficiency and comfort in RVs (Source:

For more than three decades, Innovative Energy (I.E.) has been a leader in delivering high-performance reflective insulation products to a growing market of energy-conserving industries.

I.E.’s extensive array of insulation materials meets the requirements of a wide range of applications, such as building products, insulated packaging, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) materials and do-it-yourself solutions.

Innovative Energy offers high-performing insulation products featuring energy-efficient radiant thermal technology.

Address: 10653 W. 181st Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356

Phone: (219) 696-3639 or (800) 776-3645 (toll free)


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