Corvette Tows Teardrop Trailer with Rolling Stones Make Over

The Rolling Stones are one of the most famous and influential rock bands in music history, with a huge worldwide fan base.

Folks can get pretty fanatical about icons like Corvettes and the Rolling Stones. (Source:

Some clearly love the band more than others.

With the band having recently made a live return to mark their 50th anniversary, one eager camper found the perfect way to show their devotion to the band—by decorating their caravan with a Rolling Stones design, reports Caravan Times.

The Stones-mad caravan-enthusiast decided that their teardrop trailer would look better if they followed Mick Jagger’s advice and “paint it black”.

What’s more, the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette C3 that tows the made-over caravan also received the same treatment, being painted completely black and receiving murals dedicated to the Stones.

The designs show the band’s faces in caricature feature some of their famous album art and include an impressively designed Keith Richards playing his guitar while musical notation flows down one side of the car.

The Rolling Stones caravan in all its glory. (Source:

The Corvette was modified to include side-pipes, racing wheels, and a blower on top—modifications that sadly never made it to the caravan, opines Caravan Times.

The caravan was first spotted in America by Corvette, but was recently seen in London.

It’s clearly an impressive piece of art from a true fan eager to show the band their devotion.

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