Dub Box USA Introduces Retro Campers

When longtime friends and business partners Heather Bauccio and Shane Medbery learned about the Dub Box, a retro-style camper created in the United Kingdom, they saw an opportunity.

After connecting with Dub Box developer Matt Clay, the pair decided to bring the 12-foot-long fiberglass campers to Oregon.

In February, Dub Box USA began manufacturing campers and food carts in Oregon City, according to an oregonlive.com report.

“I thought there was an opportunity to be one of the few offering something that is fun, gets people outside, and encourages family time, camping, and doing sporting events,” Bauccio said.

“One of the great things about the Dub Box is it doesn’t require a gas-guzzling SUV to haul it. It’s really light. It provides an opportunity for people with small cars to be able to enjoy (it.)”

The Dub Box resembles the Volkswagen trailer and weighs around 1,300 pounds.

Dub Box is a customizable camper now manufactured in Oregon. (Source: Dub Box USA)

Dub Box is a customizable camper now manufactured in Oregon. (Source: Dub Box USA)

They come in a variety of layouts, from a camper with a double bed starting at around $18,000 to a do-it-yourself rolling food cart shell for nearly $9,000. The standard comes with a gas burner, sink, and retro refrigerator.

The first Dub Box was made from two Volkswagen camper vans, but Bauccio is quick to mention they now use a fiberglass mold to make the shells.

“It’s very important the Volkswagen lovers know we’re not buying up all the camper vans and chopping them up,” she said.

Bauccio said the amount of interest from the food industry, in particular, has surprised her.

She’s heard suggestions of putting them on college campuses or in food cart pods in Portland.

Bauccio and Medbery recently moved from an office in Lake Oswego to Oregon City, near their manufacturing facility on Beavercreek Road.

Next, they hope to find a showroom to display models.

Dub Box Camper Specifications

Dub Box camper specifications include:

  • Overall length including towing frame 16 feet (towing frame can be adjusted to fit into standard size garage)
  • Body length including bumpers approx 12 feet 3 inches
  • Overall width including bumpers approx 5 feet 8 inches
  • Overall height approx 6 feet
  • Internal head height approx 4 feet 4 inches
  • lnternal head height with the lift top approx 6 feet
  • Technically admissible maximum laden mass 1,950 pounds
  • Unladen weight including spare tire, battery, and gas bottle approx 1,323 pounds
  • Maximum personal payload approx 627 pounds
  • Completed camper price starts at $17,990


Dub Box USA

Ideal for weeks away for two, or extra space for a family of campers, Dub box has all you need. (Source: Dub Box USA)

Dub Box USA is a new twist on the travel trailer.

Oregon-based Dub Box USA manufactures campers, food and event carts from completely new fiberglass shells—and just a little added bonus….it probably floats! So don’t worry VW lovers, your VW camper van may still be out there.

The Dub Box concept is the brainchild Matt Clay, Dub Box Ltd UK.

In February 2012, Dub Box USA started manufacturing operations in Portland, Oregon. The initial design was born from the American vintage trailer, merged with retro styling, and infused with modern conveniences for style and comfort.

And the rest of the design is up to you.

Dub boxes appeal to a wide range of buyers. They are simple, fun, stylish campers that can be enjoyed traditionally at a destination camp ground or customized for small business and corporate use.

Dub boxes are lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is entirely customizable and the layout can be altered to suit the needs of its intended use.

Address: 311 B Avenue, Suite 0, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

Phone: (971) 2DUB-BOX (238-2269)

Internet: dub-box-usa.com

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