Bigfoot Damages RV

A state trooper in Lykens, 30 miles northeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, took a report of criminal mischief to a 1973 Winnebago motorhome.

Attacked: Mr Reed’s Winnebago had its windows and tail lights smashed. (Source: Associated Press)

State police said John Reed reported someone smashed the windows and tail lights of his Winnebago between September 15 and October 8.

John Reed was driving his Winnebago late at night when someone—or something—started throwing rocks at the vehicle, damaging its windows and tail lights.

The central Pennsylvania man gave state police a lead as they looked into who might have damaged his motorhome.

Police said that before finding the damage, Reed had seen a Bigfoot in the area of his vehicle. He described it as very large and brown and walking somewhat hunched over.

According to the Associated Press, 39-year-old Reed is an avid Bigfoot hunter, and maintains the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters page on Facebook.

The group claims to be ‘in the field every day’, as well as launching expeditions to the Pennsylvania mountains on the weekends.

Reed says he’s been seeing Bigfoots in the area and studied them for about three decades, but he’s not sure if one of the furry menaces is responsible for damaging his vehicle.

At the time he was targeted by the apparent Sasquatch, Reed was driving the vehicle he calls the ‘dog house’ around rural Pennsylvania searching for signs of Bigfoot.

He claims he was successful in his quest—but when he turned on the outside lights of his vintage motorhome to see better, the Bigfoot began throwing rocks at the light to prevent itself from being discovered which enabled the attacker to get away.

According to the police report, Reed could not see if the Bigfoot was hairy or not.

Following the incident Reed took to Facebook and wrote, ‘ROCKS THROWN THROUGH THE DOG HOUSE WINDOW……VANDELISM?? OR SQUATCH ATTACK?!!!!!!!!’

One has to wonder why it took Reed several months to report the supernatural encounter to state police.

Report: Police did not take Reed’s account of the situation lightly. (Source: Associated Press)

The mythical Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is more often believed to reside in the Pacific Northwest than in the Northeast.

Worth Pondering…

I’ve been bigfooting for 20 years now. My day job is a professional educator and musician, but my passion is hunting the squatch.

—Cliff Barackman

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