World’s Fastest Motorhome Sets New Speed Record

Performance and motorhomes are not two words that generally go together—despite today’s vans offering a fairly reasonable turn of speed, considering their size and weight.

The world record is broken! (Source:

The world record is broken! (Source:

However, there’s always someone who has to go that one stage further—and it’s no surprise that they come from the land of unlimited autobahns, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.

In this case it’s a German suspension specialist called Goldschmitt, which has taken a standard Mercedes Viano Westfalia conversion and turned it into a Guinness World Record holding speedster.

The Class B motorhome has been named the fastest in the world after reaching a top speed of 222km/h which equates to 138 mph. They smashed the previous world speed record of 207km/h (128 mph), they themselves set in the first place with a Hymer Car motorhome.

The new record has been confirmed by German certification body TUV SUD.

The special model was based on Jules Verne’s Edition 60 of the Mercedes Viano.

To keep in line with regulations the only changes to the Viano were ‘an optimization to the engine and chassis’.

The optimized by Westfallia and Goldschmitt Mercedes Vito reached a record speed of 222 km/h (Source:

The optimized by Westfallia and Goldschmitt Mercedes Vito reached a record speed of 222 km/h (Source:

Goldschmitt emphasized that the interior of the motorhome had been left completely standard and that no action was taken to reduce the weight of the van, making a full Jules Verne ‘home on wheels’. Inside the van, it’s all ready to go and camp in and even the pop-up roof was left in place.

Propulsion for the record-campers from three-liter V6 diesel in the Mercedes Viano, which makes modifications thanks to engine electronics and suction through the company Evotech 261 hp.

Heinrich Bloemer, the Goldschmitt employee responsible for inventing the revolutionary gas-diesel engine was formerly an active racing driver.

For better road holding a gold Schmitt suspension with revised dampers and springs, lowered suspension and 19-inch tires.

Now if you are in a rush to arrive at the campsite and you’re in the market for a new set of wheels to go faster, be very happy: The new record-setting Westfalia Jules Verne home-on-wheels, with the exception of small modifications to the engine in production configuration, and street legal. The fastest camper in the world can therefore be bought by interested customers.

The Westfalia Jules Verne is the first model with separate twin beds in the rear. The base is the Mercedes Viano. The two-tone special edition Model 60 is limited to 60 copies and comes standard with leather upholstery, navigation system, and parking assistance.

Is driven 68 900 € expensive edition model of a diesel with 2.2 liters, which makes 163 hp.

For an additional charge of more than 3,000 € a 224 bhp strong 3.0-liter V6 mounted.

The record-breaking Mercedes Viano Westfalia Van will be on display at Goldschmitt’s booth at the 2012 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon which runs from August 25 to September 2, 2012. You may visit the Goldschmitt staff in Hall 13, Stand C53 or in the open area FG13-02.

The fastest camper in the world! (Source:

The fastest camper in the world! (Source:


Goldschmitt Techmobil AG

In 30 years, Gold Schmitt has developed from a small factory to the estimated development partner for manufacturers in the RV and ambulance vehicles.

In 2012 Goldschmitt intends to expand their European leadership in the areas of competence air suspension systems, Expert valuation, steel springs, and leveling/hydraulic jacks for camper vans and light trucks.

In addition, to be undertaken this year with the development of hydro-pneumatic suspension for the Iveco Daily ready for production a step in the technology of the future.

Address: Dornberger 6-10, D-74746 Höpfingen

Phone: +49 (0) 62 83/22 29-0


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