Vintage Boat Show Includes Vintage Travel Trailers

Outdoors enthusiasts have an opportuni­ty to take an up- close look at some classic boats to­day (August 26) at the Vintage Holland (Michigan) Boat Show.

Everything from wood­en to fiberglass boats will be on display for people to enjoy. More than 25 boats will be in front of the Hol­land Museum on 10th Street, between River and Central avenues. The event runs from 10 a. m.-4 p. m.

In its seventh year, the boat show displays a va­riety of boats. This year, there is something new added to the show: vintage travel trailers, reports

Three travel trailers will be on display. Visitors will have the opportunity to look inside the trailers to see how they are decorated on the interior.

“You’d think you’d stepped into a 1960s TV show when you enter the trailers. These people go all out,” said Geoffrey Reynolds, co- chairman of the event.

The idea to expand the boat show to include vin­tage travel trailers came from Holland Histori­cal Trust board member Mary Bamborough.

Bam­borough and her husband, Tom, belong to several vin­tage travel trailer clubs.

“These trailers are Mich­igan outdoor enjoyment,” Bamborough said.

Bamborough bought her 1965 Airstream Globetrot­ter seven years ago, when her father spotted one up north. After some reno­vations, the trailer was ready for use. The Bambo­roughs have since joined other vintage travel trailer enthusiasts at rallies and use the travel trailer for camping, reports.

This 1965 Airstream Globetrotter, belonging to Tom and Mary Bamborough, will be part of the Vintage Holland Boat Show. (Source:

People are surprised at the spaciousness of the trailers, Bamborough said. Many trailers are decked out with a bed, shower, toilet, dinette, and other accommodations.

Peoples personalities come out in the way the interiors of the trailers are decorated.

“Even though the trail­ers have the same floor plan, people decorate them differently,” Bamborough said.

People will have oppor­tunities to look inside the trailers. Bamborough will be available to answer questions about her trailer.

Besides the new addi­tions, all types of boats will be on display for those who enjoy looking at and learning about vin­tage boats. Most of the boats are from the 1960s and from previous de­cades. The oldest boat is a 26- foot 1902 Jesiek from Eldean Shipyard.

Holland has had an il­lustrious boat-making past. There were 52 boat companies in Holland over the years. Everything from schooners built in the 1880s to powerboats were created in Holland.

Now, only two boat companies remain Tiara Yachts and Grand Craft.

Reynolds believes it’s the long history of Holland’s rich boating industry that draws people to the boat show.

“You have boats that many people might have owned or there are boats that people saw out on the water. Holland made boats and used them,” Reynolds said.

The admission to the boat show allows people free admission that day into the museum and ice cream.

Holland Museum, 31 W. 10th Street, Holland, Michigan

“You’d think you’d stepped into a 1960s TV show when you enter the trailers. These people go all out.”

Geoffrey Reynolds, co­chairman of the Vintage Holland Boat Show


Vintage Holland Boat Show

Date: August 26, 2012

Time: 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Location: Holland Museum, 31 W. 10th Street, Holland, MI 49423

Phone: (616) 796-3329


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