Keystone RV Introduces Atwood Helium Refrigerators

Elkhart, Indiana-based Atwood Mobile Products LLC recently launched the industry’s only RV refrigerator that utilizes helium in the cooling system and an integrated tilt sensor.

Atwood Helium Refrigerators

Atwood Mobile Products announces that the Atwood Helium Refrigerator is now standard equipment in Keystone RV’s Bullet, Passport, and Hornet product lines.

“As the name suggests, helium gas has replaced the hydrogen traditionally found in gas absorption refrigerators,” said Fayette Flournoy, Atwood Mobile Products spokesperson in a news release.

“Helium allows the cooling system to run at a lower temperature minimizing stress that can be caused by using a traditional gas absorption refrigerator in an out of level situation. An exclusive integrated tilt sensor also provides a visual cue to the consumer showing if the refrigerator is in an out of level situation.”

Atwood helium refrigerators are available in 7- and 8-cubic-foot sizes, and are also available in the aftermarket through major distributors around the country.

“While both models provide the largest cubic foot of storage in their class, Atwood helium refrigerators are designed to fit other brands traditional 6- and 8-cubic-foot cabinet openings,” said Flournoy.

Intuitive “PULL” handles make it easy to open the first time.

“Along with class leading storage, they also boast standard upscale features including built-in door ajar alarm, designer blue crisper bins and LED lights, intuitive door handles, and a modern display panel.”


Helium Technology

The Atwood refrigerator uses a gas absorption system, but has replaced commonly used Hydrogen with nonflammable Helium. This was achieved by modifying portions of the cooling system and varying the charging pressure to compensate for the larger helium molecules.

Helium Refrigerators

Atwood Helium Refrigerators are designed to perform where traditional RV refrigerators fail. When used in an out of level situation, traditional RV refrigerators with hydrogen gas in the cooling system can generate excessive heat and compromise system integrity. Atwood refrigerators utilize a helium based cooling system strategically engineered to minimize excessive heat while providing superior durability and performance.

Upscale Features

Modern design, blue LED cabinet lights, blue tinted door shelves, and a standard door ajar alarm.

Integrated Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor protects the user, with a visual, from potential hazards attributed to prolonged operation at severe angles of inclination.

Provides a visual cue for the consumer to ensure maximum performance of their refrigerator.

Popular Sizes

7- and 8-cubic-foot class sizes available with left or right swing door, and available fan for slide room applications.

Atwood Mobile Products LLC

Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, Atwood Mobile Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of a broad range of appliance, chassis hardware, door, window, aluminum, ventilation, and electronic products for recreation vehicles, specialty vehicles, utility vehicles, manufactured housing, and associated niche markets.

Address: 1120 N. Main Street, Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: (800) 825-4328 (toll free Canada and US)


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