Dry Your World with Pingi Rechargeable Dehumidifiers

Newport Beach, California-based Pingi announced it has brought its revolutionary dehumidifiers to the United States to give customers a convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly way to fight excess moisture, musty odors, and mildew, creating healthier living spaces in cars, recreational vehicles, trucks, garages, and boats.

Pingi 150g Sachel basic Dehumidifier

“Customers in the United States have never seen a dehumidifier technology like this,” said Robert Mooers, director of marketing for Whole Product Solution (Pingi’s North American distributor).

“The older the vehicle the more moisture it retains creating musty odors, condensation, and fogging of the windows. Pingi makes it easy to keep cars and RVs mold and odor free year-round. It does not leak or spill and is safe on any surface.”

Pingi Dehumidifiers are versatile and come in various sizes:

  • 150g is $8.99 and protects up to 350 cubic feet
  • 250g sells for $10.99 and protects up to 600 cubic feet
  • 450g costs $14.99 and protects up to 900 cubic feet

“Pingi is the most advanced dehumidifier technology on the market,” said Mooers.

“It uses a silica gel that absorbs moisture naturally and is completely safe in cars and RVs, even those with children and pets. An easy-to-read indicator alerts users when the product is full of moisture; it recharges in just minutes in the microwave for repeated use again and again.”

Other features include:

  • Safety – Safe for children, pets, and the environment
  • Versatile – Can be used nearly anywhere
  • Environmentally Responsible — Consumes no electricity and can be reused many times.
  • Economical – Inexpensive and can be re-used again and again

Pingi 250g Penguin Dehumidifier

According to the website Pingi dehumidifiers are available in several unique shapes.

Pingi Clothes Hanger – Absorbs excess moisture from garments and the surrounding closet area, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew that can cause unpleasant musty odors and damage cloths; $20.99

Pingi Dehumidifing Egg – The perfect gift product with the added functionality of being a dehumidifier; $20.99

Pingi Penguin – All the functionality and quality of the Pingi Premium line rolled into a fun Penguin character that’s ideal as a gift, moisture indicator on his belly turns pink it is time to recharge; $13.99

Pingi Premium Sachels – Suitable for small damp places such as cupboards, closets, drawers, storage boxes; $8.99

Pingi ShoeDry Advanced/Basic – ingenious and practical device that dries shoes from the inside out, available in two designs (Shoe Dry Advanced has a flexible stretcher to hold the shoes shape, and the Shoe Dry Basic is perfect for smaller shoes); $21.99



The Pingi line of dehumidifiers were developed and branded more than five years ago in the Netherlands, by InnoGoods BV.

Pingi Suit Dry Hanger 150 Grams Dehumidifier

The brand has gained wide acceptance throughout Europe and the World with 22 countries offering the products to consumers battling moisture problems.

The brand and the technology behind it have been proven again and again. Unlike most dehumidifying products on the market that require refilling with salt-based absorbing agents, Pingi never requires refilling.

Furthermore, the active contents of Pingi products are Silica Gel, which is harmless to humans and the environment. Pingi products can be discarded in landfills, having no more negative effects on the environment than sand. On the other hand, salt-based products are not recommended for disposal in public landfills as the salt can seep into underground water tables.

Address: 887 West 16th Street, Newport Beach, CA  92663

Phone:  (949) 723-1919

Website: pinginorthamerica.com

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