Starcraft Sponsors Long Road Home Project

Topeka, Indiana-based Starcraft RV is sponsoring the Long Road Home Project, an event in which five U.S. veterans bike 4,200 miles for 90 days across the country,

On Sunday, July 15, these military heroes begin their summer-long bike ride from Aberdeen, Washington through 12 states to the Nation’s Capital to raise money and awareness for other veterans in need of services in the long road to transitioning back to civilian life.

The veterans are raising money to fund their three-month journey and also plan to donate additional funds raised to Operation First Response, a non-profit that serves our Wounded Heroes with personal and financial needs.

These veterans, most all having served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, face hardships in their lives due to injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the struggle to raise awareness about the difficult military experience. Their goal is to bring awareness to the hardship faced by veterans, particularly following their service to the country and the adjustments of returning home.

Through this journey, the Long Road Home Project also hopes to raise $75,000 to ease the transition of returning soldiers and help veterans live full, meaningful lives.

Starcraft RV, a division of Jayco Inc., is donating the use of a Travel Star 285FB travel trailer that will accompany the riders and those who are aiding them as they cross the country, according to a news release.

The Travel Star travel trailer spans a length of 28 feet and offers spacious interior space, sleeping up to six people. This trailer will allow the veterans on the Long Road Home Project journey the chance to recuperate and relax after their long days biking across our nation to achieve their goal.

According to their website the Long Road Home Project has three stated goals:

First, to give our veteran cyclists the opportunity to use the healing power of long-distance cycling to overcome their own war-related injuries

Second, to draw national attention to the fact that 100,000s of service men and women often face considerable challenges when returning home

Third, to raise money for direct-service veterans’ charities

The Long Road Home Project was started by Casey Miller, a civilian, as a way to help veterans with their transitions home.

It’s estimated that since 2001, more than 50,000 veterans have been wounded, while there are more than 270,000 veterans who may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The VA estimates that a veteran takes his or her own life every 80 minutes — 6,500 suicides per year. That’s 20 percent of all suicides in the United States.


Long Road Home Project

The Long Road Home Project is raising $75,000 to cover food, lodging, and filming related expenses for their trip.  A percentage of funds raised beyond their goal will be donated to Operation First Response, a non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance to our Wounded Heroes of all branches of the military in times of hardship.

Long Road Home Project Route


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