Dry Your World with H2Out Space Dryers

It is Rocket Science!

A U.S. Company has developed the space-age solution to keep your recreational vehicle interior dry and fresh.

With a rugged yet classy design, the H2Out® Space Dryers use a desiccant developed by NASA.

This proven technology will prevent water condensation and contamination, eliminating corrosion, rust, mold, mildew, dampness, and odors, according to a company news release.

Not messy, corrosive, and toxic like the old fashion product in a bucket. The H2Out Space Dryer has many more applications and works while your RV is in motion as well as stationary.

A renewable element means that it will last through hundreds of renewals. No mess to clean up, no hazardous waste to dispose.

Place the Space Dryers in your interior to keep it dry—motorhomes, travel and fifth wheel trailers, trucks, cargo holds, lockers, tool boxes, even freezers to prevent frost build up.

Virtually any enclosed space can be protected.

H2Out Space Dryers come in a variety of sizes to meet any need.

When the H2Out Space Dryer is new and dry, the interior desiccant is a cobalt blue color.

The H2Out Space Dryer will absorb water molecules from the air, gathering the moisture and bonding to it. In time, this material will turn a pale pink color that indicates it is working.

To reactivate your Space Dryer simply put the H2Out metal element in the oven for two hours at 325 degrees F (160 degrees C). The pink will disappear and turn dark blue again, ready for re-use.

The H2Out Space Dryers are priced from $25 to $79, and available through dealers and retailers.


H2Out Systems

H2Out SD309AH, with an aluminum cap and handle, protects RVs, boats, homes, and garages. Protects interior spaces to 1000 cubic feet..

Address: 24 Seton Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Phone: (360) 385-0445

Website: h2out.com

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