Ocean Canyon Properties Announce Recent Upgrades

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With the summer camping season getting into full swing, Ocean Canyon Properties (OCP) is both ready and proud to show off the results of its winter work.

Over the course of the past six months, OCP has been hard at work at each of its eight resorts developing and upgrading areas of the parks for members to enjoy, according to a news release.

The first big change was at its largest park, Mountain Lakes Resort, in Langston, Alabama. Newly paved roads, the addition of 36 more full-service campsites, a larger RV and boat storage area, and new laundry equipment were all added over the past winter.

Member Jackie Weeks shared, “The country store is a great addition to the resort and a very well done job!” These are just a few of the improvements that will continue to be added to Mountain Lakes.

Another major OCP project was at Millwood Landing Golf and RV Resort in Ashdown, Arkansas. The bar and restaurant underwent a complete renovation. New floors were laid as well as full wood paneling on all of the walls.

The Country Store at Mountain Lakes Resort, in Langston, Alabama. (Source: oceancanyon.com)

Weekly poker nights are held at the resort, and with the large number of people that continue to play, a separate poker room was added into the bar. There is now a fully separate non-smoking area that separates the restaurant from the bar, and arcade games were placed in the bar area as well. “It looks great!” said Lori Turnage on Millwood’s Facebook page, “What a big change.”

If you feel like checking this out and enjoying good home-cooked daily dinner specials, look for it under its new name…the Coyote Bar and Grill!

Millwood was not the only resort to have an updated restaurant. Styx River Resort in Robertsdale, Alabama also had a facelift in its restaurant.

“From the top to the bottom we went through and updated the colors, the menu, and the service”, said Alan Patton, OCP Styx River resort manager. A new roof, new lighting, tables, and paint were all added.

Abita Springs Resort in Abita Springs, Louisiana, has always been a popular resort within OCP for its large, spacious pool deck. This winter the deck area was made even larger. Completely new wood decking was laid out, a Tiki Bar area was built for folks to enjoy, more pool furniture was added, and more palm trees and scenery areas were planted as well. Plus….a covered deck was added.

The new spacious pool and pool deck at Abita Springs Resort in Abita Springs, Louisiana. (Source: oceancanyon.com)

“Everything looks great! We could hardly wait to come see it,” said member Carole Nicolle. Members are now able to sit outside and enjoy a meal while they relax and enjoy the sun.

All of the resorts have had an upgrade in some form or another. Newly paved roads were placed at Tres Rios; North Shore Resort had several new sites put in with 50 amp service; Texoma Shores remodeled its cabins and added more RV sites; and Bears Den Resort had several small projects such as the remodeling of its guard shack, painting of the outside buildings, family building, and cabins.

OCP continues to work year round making sure that the resorts stay up-to-date with all areas of the park.

“We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate that you are maintaining our parks and making them enjoyable to stay at,” sent a member through e-mail. Whether it’s remodeling a sales office or something as simple as adding a new flower bed, OCP makes sure its resorts are clean and taken care of for all of its members and guests to enjoy.


Ocean Canyon Properties (OCP)
Ocean Canyon Properties (OCP) is a growing system of privately-owned membership resorts that offer spacious RV sites, comfortable cabins, cottages, and condos along with a wide variety of private resort amenities.

With eight beautiful resort locations situated throughout the southern United States, OCP’s resorts provide the safe, secure, and enjoyable recreational experience that so many families seek.

The bar and restaurant at Millwood Landing Golf and RV Resort in Ashdown, Arkansas, underwent a complete renovation. (Source: oceancanyon.com)

The OCP senior management has been directly involved in the membership camping resort industry on a national platform for over 30 years.

As an OCP member you will enjoy the many amenities found at the varied resorts: golf, tennis, volleyball, horseshoes, fishing, and walking trails as well as swimming pools and eating and entertainment facilities.

Regularly planned activities are also scheduled for the whole family.

OCP also provides member access to over 300 other membership resorts around the U.S. and Canada. Whether you want to spend time at your OCP home resort or travel the country staying at reciprocal private membership RV resorts, you’ll enjoy the exclusive privileges of your OCP membership.

Address: 1911 Galleria Oaks Drive, Texarkana, TX 75503

Phone: (888) 567-5941 (toll free)

Website: oceancanyon.com

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