Lil’ Snoozy Goes Camping

St. Matthews, South Carolina-based Smoakin Concepts Composites began selling “Lil Snoozy” small travel trailers only in the Southeast.

Lil Snoozy small travel trailer

Lil Snoozy small travel trailer

A fiberglass travel trailer, Lil Snoozy is now available nationwide directly from the manufacturer.

Based on customer input, changes were made in the past two years to ready the travel trailer for increased demand and increased production.

Word about the Lil Snoozy is spreading via the company’s website, Internet forums, and word of mouth. This year, Lil Snoozy also is making the rounds at several consumer shows and will be sold to dealers.

Customers love the Lil Snoozy because Lil’ is only 17 feet, 3 inches in length; 7 feet, 11 inches in width; and 7 feet, 5 inches high. The interior space is 14 feet, 6 inches by 6 feet, 6 inches. There’s a bathroom with shower across from a kitchen area (with sink, refrigerator, and microwave); a couch in front of an entertainment center; and a queen bed.

Just 1,900 pounds, the Lil Snoozy can be pulled by vehicles with a V6 engine. With a rounded front top and bottom, there’s no buffeting as the RV goes down the road, according to the manufacturer.

The birth of the “Lil Snoozy” small travel trailer came after more than 50 years of experience with camping, house-boating, motorhomes, and the endless search for the perfect design to fit an unlimited array of needs.

With unmatched flexibility the consumer now has the ability to customize the Lil Snoozy to best fit their requirements and budget.

Lil Snoozy small travel trailer interior

From bare bones “ruffing it” camper to an ultra elegant palace and everything in between, the consumer is placed in control.

Fiberglass was the obvious choice in construction of the LiL Snoozy small travel trailer, not only because of the manufacturers’ more than 38 years of fiberglass and composites experience, but also for the durability and aesthetics of a fiberglass shape.

Through the use of composites many previously unheard of features can be incorporate in campers.

An ultra-aerodynamic shape, with clean flowing curves, will be the first thing you will notice about the Lil Snoozy small travel trailer. Within a unique two piece fiberglass unit modern coring materials and state of the art manufacturing processes have been incorporated, adding strength and insulating properties, while tremendously reducing weight.

Advantages of fiberglass construction include:

  • Will not rot, rust, or corrode
  • Less weight with more strength
  • Excellent insulation
  • Smooth/glossy finish
  • Warm and elegant wood-finished interior

The “LS3” comes with a “Jack Knife” sofa which will comfortably sleep two children or one adult, in conjunction with the full Queen bed the Lil Snoozy will sleep three to four very comfortably.

Lil Snoozy Specifications

Overall Dimensions

Length: 17 feet 3inches

Height: 7 feet 5 inches

Width: 7 feet 11inches

Living Area Dimensions

Lil Snoozy small travel trailer new LS3 floor plan

Length: 14 feet 6 inches

Interior Width: 6 feet 6 inches

Interior Head Room: 6 feet 4 inches

Dry Weight: 1900 pounds (weight varies on options selected)

Fresh Water Tank: 35 gallons

Gray Water Tank: 31 gallons

Cost: Prices start at $16,995

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Smoakin Concepts Composites

Address: 191 Sweet Bay Road, St. Matthews, SC 29135

Phone: (803) 655-5336


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