How to Sell Your Used RV in Two Weeks

Knowing how to sell your used RV effectively is very important in order to have a successful sale.

For Sale by Owner (horse NOT included)

If you know how to plan and advertise your recreational vehicle the right way, you can sell your RV in as little as two weeks, according to an news release.

Buying an RV is one of the most expensive investments that people make after purchasing their own home.

Previously owned RVs typically cost between $30,000 and $150,000. Some new RVs can cost more than half a million.

When you decide to sell your RV, you’ll want to sell it as quickly as possible.

The faster you can sell your RV, the more you’re going to be able to sell it for. If your RV is worth $100,000, it could drop in price by as much as $1,000 per month.

To sell your RV in two weeks or less, you need a minimum of five places to advertise.

Also, ensure it is professionally detailed and priced competitively.

5 Great Places to Advertise Your RV

The five best places to advertise your RV locally are as follows:

1. Craigslist – Since it’s FREE, you’ll like Craigslist. Usually you’ll find more RVs advertised on Craigslist than in your local newspaper. Even though people who call from Craigslist may be a somewhat more flaky than people who call from the newspaper, it is still a great way to attract buyers, and many of them do end up buying. The reason we rank it number one is because it has considerable inventory, and because it is a free place for you to list your RV for sale.

2. This is the second best place to advertise your RV. Like Craigslist it is also free. People who find this site online are typically those who are searching for an RV to buy. It is a great place to list your RV and it is also free.

3. Your Local Newspaper – This can be a great place to advertise. There are a lot of older people who still use the newspapers on a regular basis. The typical cost for listing your RV for sale in a newspaper is around $50-$70, but it varies by location.

4. The Cheap Classifieds –   These are not really newspapers because they don’t contain any news. They are just cheap classified places where you can list ads. Ironically listing an RV for sale in cheap classifieds works well for both expensive and inexpensive RVs.

5. A classified newspaper dedicated to RVs and boats. Most major cities have a classified magazine dedicated to selling boats and RVs. In a smaller city, you may want to also try one that is dedicated to selling cars. This is a great way to help people know that you have an RV for sale.

Don’t underestimate the value of putting a “For Sale by Owner” sign on your recreational vehicle. If you choose to, you can also park it next to a busy intersection for two weekends. You’ll be surprised at how much interest it generates for your RV, especially during the heavy months of RV buying which is in the early spring and during the fall.

Have Your RV Professionally Detailed

Detailing your RV by a professional will only cost about $200 to $300. This can make a big difference in how many times you have to show it in order for it to sell. It might even enable you to get more for it when it does sell. You should be able to get 5 to 10 percent more for your RV if it looks like it is in great condition.

Choosing a Competitive Price

For assistance in selecting a competitive price refer to an online value guides such as the NADA or the Kelly Blue Book. These resources will help you determine approximate values. If you price it just under what you think it is worth, you have a better chance of attracting more buyers and being able to sell it quicker.

Details is dedicated to helping you sell your RV faster.

The site also offers free information on buying and selling RVs.


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