Hey Dad…Can We Buy an RV?

For assistance in your search for that perfect recreational vehicle for your family, here are five more off-the-wall RVs to whet your appetite.

Sealander Amphibious Trailer

This 840-pound microcaravan comes with an outboard motor. (Credit: sealander.de)

This 840-pound microcaravan comes with an outboard motor. (Source: sealander.de)

Undecided how to spend your upcoming weekend getaway—relaxing in your RV at your favorite campsite or cruising around the lake?

Now you don’t have to make that choice! Or at least, you no longer need to bring both your RV and boat since the Sealander actually floats on water.

At just 840 pounds, this remarkable amphibious trailer is light enough to be towed behind a mid-sized or even compact vehicle and also buoyant enough to double as a boat.

Its wide, bowl-shaped design not only provides stability while floating, but it can easily navigate shallow waters without running aground. It also means you don’t need a trailer or a boat ramp to launch it in the water—simply back it up to a sufficiently cleared shoreline and the Sealander is successfully launched.

In the Sealander, you’re limited to a sink, a cool-box, a cooker, and a camping toilet, but the freedom that it offers is beyond compare.

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Jeep Action Camper

The Action Camper was designed to have limited impact on the Jeep’s utility. (Source: Gizmag.com)

The Action Camper is a drop-in camper that turns your rugged, all-terrain Jeep Wrangler into a go-anywhere RV.

Unlike larger campers and recreation vehicles, Jeeps have the ability to explore all kinds of wild lands. By bolting a pop-up camper to the back of your Jeep, you get the built-in ability to camp in all those wild lands.

Given the camper’s lightweight design, it only adds 440 pounds to the total weight of the Jeep. The fiberglass roof is sturdy enough to stand on and use as a viewing or photography platform. It pops up to provide up to 6 feet 3 inches of head room.

Inside, the Action Camper features a single multipurpose space. The king-sized mattress folds out and rests atop the counter space.

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Innovan XC Off-Road Trailer

With on-vehicle controls the trailer’s clearance can increased or decreased. (Source: innovan.com.au)

For efficiency and flexible the Innovan is a knock-out.

The Innovan slide-on truck camper and the Innovan XC off-road trailer/caravan are really quite different from anything else on the market.

It is probably fair to say that the Innovan XC off-road caravan sits somewhere between conventional camper trailers and conventional off-road caravans. It has the “go anywhere ability” of the camper trailer and the comfort and convenience of an off-road caravan.

The Innovan can be fully setup including awning is less than 30 seconds.

When configured for travel, the aerodynamic shape of the camper minimizes wind drag and the cross-wind problems usually associated with campers and vans, and the light weight means that when attached to a four wheel drive, it can go just about anywhere.

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Ecco Camper Van

The Ecco is set to revolutionise the humble camper van with space-age design that includes collapsible walls and a flip-top upper deck. (Source: swns.com)

Life in the traditional camper van has always been a cramped affair.

But design experts have addressed that concern with a cutting edge concept—a futuristic camper van that doubles in size by flipping open “like a Swiss Army knife.”

Since space is the main theme, in design and concept, passengers enter the 15-foot-long electric vehicle from the rear through a huge stairway that folds into the ceiling. The space is then transformed with a flip-out top deck, expandable walls, and fold-down seats for extra room.

Called the Ecco, it is a very green vehicle, topped with a solar-paneled roof that charges its battery and produces zero emissions. An eight-hour charge supposedly lasts a full day, providing enough juice to reach highway-driving speeds.

The eco-friendly camper van can sleep a family of five and boasts a kitchen, bathroom, and lounge area.

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Draco AWD Motorhome

Oshkosh expedition-class AWD motorhome. (Source: gizmag.com)

It’s Draco, an expedition-class AWD motorhome that Shahn Torontow built so his wife, V. Ross Johnson, could still travel the wilderness after the former wildlife photographer became wheelchair dependent due to chronic Lyme disease.

Named Draco after the star constellation and the mythical last dragon, the Oshkosh-based luxury bohemoth has been lavished with the finest so he could withstand deserts, mountains, mud, hurricanes, and blizzards while caring for his wife.

The chassis is a diesel pusher Caterpillar 3406A turbo with an engine producing 335 horse power and 1000-foot-pounds of torque at 1400 rpm.

Draco is an amazing example of how one person can construct a purpose-built bohemoth inside 18 months and have it measure-up to the most mission-critical of tasks—to provide a comfortable mobile home for his wife.

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