Have RV, Will Promote Tourism Terrace

The Kermodei Tourism Society has taken on a more mobile approach to promoting hunting, fishing, and other recreational opportunities in the northwestern region of British Columbia.

The society is leasing a recreational vehicle from Nor-Burd RV Sales and Service in Terrace, and has already taken it on the road to tourist shows in Edmonton and Winnipeg, reports the Terrace Standard.

With appropriate promotional lettering and art on the sides and back, the vehicle is paying dividends, according to society general manager Graham Genge.

“At the trade show in Edmonton, people were saying, ‘you’re the guy in the RV. We saw you driving around town,’” said Genge.

Genge said the 2003 Ford Sunseeker also sends a more subtle message—that Terrace is an accessible place to visit.

“We’re really promoting Terrace as a destination,” said Genge. “That’s our Number One message.”

With a tightened economy and people staying closer to home, he and others are anticipating an increase in motor vehicle trips.

Wayne Braun, left, and Wade Muchowski from Nor-Burd RV with Kermodei Tourism’s Graham Genge. (Source: Terrace Standard)

“The north is already popular,” said Genge of circle route options, which include driving across the northern part of the province or taking the Inside Passage BC Ferries run.

“But we still get questions such as ‘is there diesel fuel up there.’”

Closer to home, Genge said the RV will be making trips around the region to various campgrounds, up into the Nass Valley and to Prince Rupert when cruise ships there dock.

“Not everyone goes to a tourist information centre,” said Genge.

“So we’re going to go where the tourists are.”

“We want to be more pro-active. We felt that within reason, we should do whatever we can to promote tourism,” said Nor-Burd’s Wayne Braun.

“Something like this is a huge plus for us.”


Terrace Kermodei Tourism

Terrace, British Columbia is located amidst the thick forests and steep, mountain slopes on a series of terraces that were shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago.

Terrace is the heart of the Skeena Valley and North Coast Mountains.

This is no ordinary place. It’s here First Nations legends come alive, the mysterious white Kermodei Bear roams free and the fish draw anglers from around the globe.

Fewer than 500—that’s the number of Kermodei Bears that exist in the entire world. The Kermodei Bear of the Gitga’at People, also known as the Spirit Bear, has a genetic mutation that’s carried by a few black bears in this area and nowhere else. Every once in awhile—and given the right genetic roll of the dice—a black mother will give birth to a cub of pure white fur.

A shy creature, until recently considered mythical, and one that very few people outside of this area had ever seen. These aren’t albino bears—they’re white black bears.

Home to world-class fishing and hunting, exceptional downhill and back-country skiing, Terrace can boast of year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking and biking trails for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, camping opportunities, white-water kayaking and rafting and an18-hole mountain golf course that will take your breath away are just a few of the things that a trip to Terrace can offer.

Fast Facts

  • The Skeena River is North America’s largest un-dammed river and second longest river in BC with up to 5 million spawning salmon a year
  • Best way to spot a Kermodei Bear: Drive along the Nisga’a Highway or Highway 16 during the month of May
  • Best way to spot an Eagle: Drive along the Skeena, Kalum or Nass Rivers during the Oolichan run between March and April
  • Elevation: 713 feet/217 m
  • World-record catch: In 2001 a German visitor landed a 99 pound Chinook salmon on the Skeena River

The Kermodei (Spirit) bear of Terrace, BC. (Photo Credit M. Chevrier)

Address: 4511 Keith Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 1K1

Phone: (250) 635-4944 or (877) 635-4944 (toll free)

Website: VisitTerrace.ca

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