Five Things You Need to Know Today: May 18

Since I like things to come in fives (and tens), here are five things YOU need to know TODAY!

1. RV Trip Wizard Available

RV Trip Wizard sample

RV Trip Wizard is a visual planning tool designed for RVers by RVers. Introduced at several Florida RV shows, it has received strong interest from a wide variety of RV owners, the developer announced.

Richard Hill, a partner in the company and long time RVer said, “A few years ago my wife and I made a 7,200 mile trip around the USA. It took us about two and one half weeks to do all the planning. That same trip can be planned in about 30 minutes using RV Trip Wizard.”

The wizard is accessible from all PCs, MACs, tablet computers, and smart phones. There is no software to buy, maintain, or update. A subscription includes a 15-day free trial and is available at

2. Outwell Offers Pack ‘n’ Go for RVers

Outwell Wayfarer 65 Jet Black Pack N Go Storage Bag

Bourne, UK-based camping brand Outwell has developed a range of storage solutions, the Pack ‘n’ Go collection, aimed at RV owners and campers, reports Out & About Live.

The Pack ’n’ Go collection replaces the storage boxes, grips, carrier bags, and other containers that are traditionally filled with camping gear ready for the big trip.

Using feedback from campers, the Outwell Research and Development team created the Pack ’n’ Go collection’s four ranges to address packing and storage problems associated with various outdoor scenarios:

  • Break Away collection of versatile multi-purpose storage bags
  • Day Away collection of Drift daypacks bags, Stash shoulder bags, and Coral and Coast beach/shopping bags
  • Safe Away collection of personal storage and travel safety items that range from wash bags to neck pillows
  • Cook Away collection of practical kitchen storage, coolbag, and water carrying products

For more information visit

3. Forest River’s Starcraft Bus Earns Ford Honor

Goshen, Indiana-based Starcraft Bus, a division of Forest River Inc., has been named Ford’s top volume pool account for the sixth consecutive year.

According to a news release, the manufacturer has purchased and sold more Ford E350/E450 bus chassis than any other bus maker in the United States.

“We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Ford as we move forward into the next decade,” said Starcraft Bus President David Wright.

Starcraft Bus services many markets, including hotels, churches, retirement centers, tour operators, and all aspects of public and private transportation. In addition to Ford, it also builds on GM and International chassis.

4. Oil Boom County Lifts RV Park Moratorium

Dunn County in western North Dakota will lift its crew camp moratorium June 1.

The Board of County Commissioners decided on Wednesday (May 16) that it will also ask the planning and zoning committee to set parameters on the number of beds and locations if different from what is stated in the zoning ordinance, The Dickinson Press reported.

“We need a place for these people to stay,” said Commissioner Tim Steffan. “If there is no place for these people to stay, they’re going to stay in all of these other places, but I think we need restrictions on them. Zero tolerance.”

Over the past year, Dunn County commissioners approved construction of six crew camps. Camps housing more than 1,000 oil workers are already in operation in Killdeer and Manning, small communities located north of Dickinson.

5. How to Locate a Dump Station?

RV owners periodically find themselves needing to locate an RV dump station.

This may be a result of dry camping with no sewer service or dump station available, spending the night at Wal-Mart or a truck stop or the weekend at a public recreation area without dumping facilities, or trying to get on the road quickly without taking the time to use the campground dump station.

Also affected are RVers that work on the road, tailgate at college and pro football games, NASCA races, agricultural fairs and exhibitions, dog shows, and other local and national events.

Finding an RV dump station along your route, near your destination, or in your home town can be a major challenge.

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Have a great weekend.

Until next time, safe RV travels, and we’ll see you on the road!

Please Note: As a result of limited interest in “Five Things You Need to Know Today”, I’m planning on suspending this Friday feature at the end of May with next Friday, May 25 being the finale. If you wish to weigh in please leave your comment on my Facebook page.

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