Chalet RV Receives Capital Injection for Expansion

Albany, Oregon-based Chalet RV Inc. has received a significant capital injection from a private equity investor earmarked for expansion in the RV industry.

The company has plans for “significant growth in the industry” and is positioning itself “as a leader of high quality manufacturing in all market segments that it participates in,” according to a news release.

The entire management team remains in place.

Chalet RV produces three product lines, including:

  • Chalet hard-sided A-frame folding travel trailers
  • Chalet truck campers
  • Takena super-light travel trailers

Chalet A-Frame Folding Travel Trailers

Chalet Arrowhead folding travel trailers exterior showing optional front storage box.

Chalet A-frame folding travel trailers are the lightest weight, solid–walled, travel trailers on the market. They offer the best combination of quality, features, and affordability available. These hard–sided trailers set up fully in 30 seconds, and offer insulated comfort and many conveniences.

Available Chalet folding travel trailers include:

  • LTW
  • Arrowhead
  • Alpine
  • XL Series

Chalet Truck Campers

2012 Chalet truck camper

New for 2012 Chalet is rebranding its Ascent line of campers into the Chalet line.

The six models of Chalet Campers include the following features:

  • Large storage areas
  • Exterior storage double insulated
  • Heated basements
  • Utilities in separate compartments rather than in storage areas
  • Large access doors to storage
  • Weight forward engineering with all tanks and batteries forward of axle
  • Many models are fully usable with the slide rooms in and out
  • Solid real wood interiors
  • Huge interior storage
  • Ducted AC
  • Ducted heat
  • Gel coat high gloss exterior
  • 6-inch-thick solid sloped roof

Takena Travel Trailers

Takena travel trailers are an industry leader in lightweight designs combined with durable, high quality materials, and ample storage space. Nowhere else in this price range can you find vacuum bonded walls constructed with welded aluminum framing and composite floors.

Frames are built with high–strength, light weight alloys and powder coated for enhanced rust protection.

2012 Chalet Takena travel trailer

This travel trailer offers many standard features often found to be optional on comparable trailers.

The Takena’s fuel efficient towing is due to its ultra–light weight and aero–dynamics and can be towed with most mid–sized SUVs and mini–vans. Most Takena models are less than 3000 pounds when fully loaded.

The Takena factory team is committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality travel trailers which will provide comfort, enjoyment, and memories for years to come.


Chalet RV Inc.
Chalet RV Inc. is also looking to expand its dealer base in several regions, including Washington, California, the mountain states, southeastern U.S., and Canada.

Address: 124 41st Avenue SE, Albany, Oregon 97322

Phone: (541) 791-4610


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