When RVers Need to Cool Off®

Here’s a really cool product to take on RV and camping trips.

Cool Off®

Cool Off®

And it takes up less room than a pair of socks.

It’s called Cool Off®, and it’s a cool herbal towelette that not only takes the sweat off the brow from a hot day—or a hike or bike ride—but also contains natural ingredients that work their way into the neck, arms, or legs for a healing, therapeutic feeling.

Those little towels, which resemble the moist towelettes you get in a good rib joint, are somehow infused with a blend of natural cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals, and oils.

Those herbs, botanicals, and oils include witch hazel, chamomile flower, evening primrose, and tee tree oil.

Simple, and yet soothing.

Cool Off®

Cool Off has great potential among many user groups, because the towelettes are convenient and they really work whether people are exercising, watching, or participating in sports, traveling, hiking, or fishing, or just relaxing under the sun.

RVers and campers can enjoy this new way to renew, refresh, and re-energize.

Cool Off, an icy cold, natural herbal towelette that provides immediate and lasting heat relief is great to use anytime to cool down or refresh.

Cool Off is an individually-wrapped icy cold towelette infused with all natural cooling herbs, botanicals, and essential oils. Cool Off soothes and moisturizes while it renews, refreshes, and cools the skin.

Using Cool Off is easy.

Simply press a Cool Off towelette on the back of the neck, inner arms, or back of the knees to feel and build the chill.

The ultra-soft towelettes come in individually wrapped convenient single-use packets, making it easy to keep them in purses, gym bags, backpacks, cars, golf bags, desk drawers, even pockets.

The product was created by a group of executives, including a business professional who is a soccer mom; sales, advertising, and marketing professionals who are avid travelers and outdoors enthusiasts; a breast cancer survivor; and an engineer who runs marathons.  All were seeking natural ways to cope with uncomfortable heat, whether from long, hot summers or hot flashes.


It’s 2 Cool, Ltd.

It’s 2 Cool, the manufacturer of Cool Off®, is certified as a women business enterprise. Cool Off® is a registered trademark of It’s 2 Cool, Ltd. A patent is pending.

Cool Off®

Cool Off® is a natural, innovative personal cooling towelette product that renews, refreshes, and re-energizes.

Cool Off® is infused with a clean-scented formula of natural ingredients that includes cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals, and therapeutic essential oils.

Refreshing Towelette in a Pocket-Sized Packet

Address: P.O. Box 15614, San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: (210) 824-7799

Website: thequickchill.com

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