JR Consumer Announces 2012 RV Reviews Now Available

JR Consumer announces that their site is available to all consumers who wish to learn about the different types of recreational vehicles available on the market today.

Just in time for the summer RV season, JR Consumer offers unbiased RV reviews.

As consumers turn more to “backyard” vacations, there has been an increase in the number of RVs that are purchased each year. However, there has been a lack of relevant and unbiased information about the industry, until now.

JR Consumer provides the public with that unbiased information.

If you learned that a particular RV manufacturer has poor customer service or builds below average products would you purchase an RV from that manufacturer?

Probably not!

The same goes for a specific RV model, nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a RV model, only to find out they made a costly mistake which will lead to years of frustration and ultimately become disenchanted with their RV purchase.

There are a number of websites that claim to provide ratings or reviews for RV models and manufacturers but provide no real information besides basic data that can be found with minimal effort.

JR Consumer provides more in-depth research with unbiased RV reviews and expert ratings for both RV manufacturers and models.

JR Consumer goes beyond just providing basic reviews or ratings; they actually interview each factory and collect data from RV dealers, consumer survey sites, NADA Guides, and various RV organizations. In addition to this they also receive valuable feedback from readers who purchase their RV Comparison Guides and they are constantly updating their RV Guides based on consumer feedback.

Included on the site is information about financing, how to negotiate with the RV dealer, and information on what buyers should look for prior to making a purchase.

JR Consumer is an independent review site that has no connections to any manufacturer, dealership, or finance company.

Consumers that are interested in financing options for their recreational vehicle will discover that JR Consumer offers insightful information on financing. This relevant information allows consumers to receive the best deal for financing on their RV, making this purchase more affordable.

When making an RV purchase, consumers should be well informed. This will ensure that any selection that they make will fit their needs and enhance their enjoyment. JR Consumer provides this information for all consumers, giving consumers the power they need to make a great RV purchase.


J R Consumer Resources Inc.

J R Consumer Resources Inc. got its start in 1999. Randall Eaton, now President started out as a sales manager for a factory- built housing center in Washington State. Randall decided to write a housing guide titled, “How to Buy a Manufactured Home & Save Thousands.” The book combined buying tips with a comparison guide featuring the majority of housing manufacturers in the United States.

After numerous requests for a modular home comparison guide, J R Consumer Resources started researching modular home builders in the United States and in 2003 published their second book, “Modular Home Buyers Guide.”

Many consumers that purchased the housing guides were also interested in purchasing a recreational vehicle and requested a rating guide for the industry. After interviewing 98 percent of the RV manufacturers in North America, J R Consumer Resources published two additional books rating the RV industry.

JRConsumer.com offers unbiased and factual information about the RV industry that consumers can use prior to making a purchase. This site contains real information from the manufacturers as well as RV reviews from people who have purchased the different products.

JR Consumer is the resource for motorhome reviews, travel trailer reviews, or fifth wheel reviews. Visitors to this site will discover a resource of information about RVs, including real reviews offered by the RV dealers, consumers, and industry information about the many different RV manufacturers in North America.

RV Ratings Reports rate both new and used RV models in the areas of quality of construction, customer satisfaction, dependability, design, payload, and resale value.

RV Ratings start with 2012 models and go back to 1998.

Address: 3660 Nicklaus Drive, Clarkston, WA 99403

Phone: (888) 770-2830

Website: jrconsumer.com

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