Have HerrMAN will RV

While recreational vehicles are more than adequate for many going planning a cross-country road trips, a German couple opted for something more extreme than an RV for their around-the-world journey.

Seasoned traveller: HerrMAN has so far been to 18 countries and clocked 40,000km. (Source: Malaysia Star)

Their vehicle of choice is an 18-ton army six-wheeler truck converted into cozy mobile home. The mighty mobile is affectionately called HerrMAN, Malaysia Star reports.

Stefan Sigl and Petra Mester have been on the road for two years, travelling over 25,000 miles and have visited 18 countries since leaving Germany in November 2009.

They drove into Malaysia from Thailand early last month and had visited Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, China, and Laos to name a few.

“Although I have used a recreational vehicle before, I felt that I needed something more robust as the countries we will be visiting might have very bad roads,” he told reporters during a stopover at Continental Sime Tyre’s Petaling Jaya head office.

Auxiliary wheels: Sigl showing the scooter and bicycle in the mini-garage. (Source: Malaysia Star)

HerrMAN was fitted with Continental’s heavy machinery all-terrain tires when it left Germany.

During their stay in Malaysia, the truck will get a new set of tires to continue its journey.

Sigl, 50, used to work in the media industry before venturing on the road trip. Mester, 51, meanwhile, was a teacher and social worker.

The couple has two children a son, 30, and daughter, 27.

The idea to go on the “big journey” came up around Christmas in 2003.

Sigl bought a MAN KAT1 6X6 truck in 2005 and spent the next few years converting it into an apartment on wheels complete with beds, toilet, air conditioning, deep freezer, microwave oven, and washing machine, Malaysia Star reports.

The vehicle even has a mini-garage where Sigl keeps a scooter and a bicycle.

He said HerrMAN was a combination of the German word “herr” which meant mister and MAN which was the truck brand.

“In English, our vehicle is Mr. MAN,” Sigl said, adding that it was also a tribute to his father whose name was Herman.

Sigl said they enjoyed their stay in Malaysia as the locals were friendly and that everyone could speak English.

The couple intend to stay for a month or longer and plan to visit the key attractions on the west and east coasts.

Rest and recreation: Mester showing the ‘living room’ of HerrMAN. (Source: Malaysia Star)

After that, they plan to ship HerrMAN from Malacca to Indonesia. They also aim to visit Timor Leste, Australia and New Zealand before continuing to South America.

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