BeauEr 3X: French Expanding Trailer

The last 12 months have seen a real explosion of interest for slide-out caravans in the UK, with Eterniti Caravans launching expandable trailers.

The BeauEr 3X can triple the interior space in just 20 seconds.

Now the French are entering the act too, as Gallic inventor Eric Beau looks to bring his BeauEr 3X across the Channel, Caravan Times reports.

Originally launched in 2010, this tin-can shaped tourer looks like just another micro-caravan, until you put the key in and operate the telescopic sliding mechanism, which allows this trailer to slide out in both directions, tripling the interior space in just 20 seconds.

The 3X has already proved very popular on the continent, attracting considerable attention at the 2011 Dusseldorf Caravan Show. Following a French TV appearance, Beau’s YouTube videos have already attracted more than 70,000 views.

His company is now looking into launching this exciting product in the UK, and with a very competitive level of specification and a surprisingly low weight, this could be quite an appealing prospect, according to Caravan Times.

Despite a maximum interior space of 129 square feet, more than the average four-berth caravan, the 3X weighs only 3,652 pounds—making it much lighter than any other slide-out model on the UK market.

Built on an Al-Ko chassis with a polyester bodyshell, Beau claims it is also highly aerodynamic due to its smoothly curved exterior design.

BeauEr 3X slide-out caravan

Moving to the inside and you get a shower, toilet, 130-litre fridge, sink, and hob, but no oven or microwave, while the gas heater and water heater both come as optional extras.

The four-berth layout comprises a pair of double beds, measuring up at an ample 6 feet 3 inches x 4 feet 7 inches and 6 feet 10 inches x 4 feet 7 inches respectively.

However, the price could prove to be the major stumbling block, as the BeauEr 3X  currently retails at 23,000 euros, or just over £19,000 or $30,431.

But one thing’s for sure—if you pitch up in one of these this summer you will certainly turn heads.

BeauEr 3X highlights include:

  • Kitchen includes an130-liter refrigerator, gas stove, sink, and a few cupboards and drawers
  • Bathroom comprises a shower, cassette toilet, and a sink
  • The room includes a double bed with a slatted base accessible from two sides
  • The bench in the dining area can be transformed into a second major sleeping.
  • Closet is located in the lobby
  • Small and compact on the road, the 3X gives in to all your desire for freedom
  • Large and fully equipped with modern comfort and warm delight for a family of up to 4 people
  • On arrival, the 3X is transformed in less than 20 seconds and in one step
  • Without further manipulation, all the furniture is positioned as if by magic
  • Once closed, the 3X is inviolable since all openings including doors and windows are automatically condemned
  • 3X model is patented and manufactured in France



The BeauEr 3X slide-out caravan can triple the interior space in just 20 seconds

Phone: 06 87 51 22 86


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