5 Helpful Tips for a Travel-Ready RV

The excitement of another spring and summer travel season will soon be upon us again.

To insure your recreational vehicle is in travel-ready mode, the RV experts at Encore and Thousand Trails recommend five helpful tips before hitting the road.

1. Exterior

Inspect the roof, sidewalls, end walls, and around windows and doors for cracks or voids in the seams and seals. Scrape and reseal any affected areas with the appropriate sealant. Open awnings and check for frayed or ripped material. Remove stains and mildew with special awning cleaner and allow awning to dry before rolling back up. Check hardware for functionality and replace as needed.

Insects and rodents can make winter homes in the outside compartments. Clear any nests or debris and inspect wiring and hoses for signs of chewing.

Look underneath the vehicle for fluid or fuel leaks and address those as necessary.

Ensure proper function of headlights, brake lights, and reverse lights.

2. Hot Water Heater

If the water heater has been drained for the winter, this is a good time to flush the unit. Some units utilize an anode for corrosion prevention. Remove anode from tank for inspection. As a general rule, if 75 percent of the anode has been corroded away, it should be replaced. Refer to the owner’s manual for specific replacement requirements.

Is your RV road ready?

Fill water tank with a mixture of half vinegar and half water to remove any buildup of lime. Turn on the water heater. Once the water is hot, turn it back off and either wait until the water cools or use protective gloves and stand clear while draining the tank. Flush with fresh water until the discharge is clear and refill for future use. Doing this once a year will help to extend the life of the heater.

3. Liquefied Propane (LP) Appliances

All LP appliances should be inspected for gas leakage and proper function. Clean any debris or insect nests out of the burner assemblies. Making sure there are no open flames, turn on the main gas supply valve, and pay special attention for any gas odors.

Spray gas fittings and connections with a soapy water solution. Bubbling indicates a gas leak and should be repaired by a qualified RV technician.

Light LP appliances and test for proper operation.

4. Batteries

Posts and cables corrode over time and need to be cleaned regularly for maximum output. A mixture of baking soda and water is an economical cleaning agent and applying a corrosion preventative will help slow future corrosion.

Check the water level of batteries and fill with distilled water to proper levels.

If needed, charge the batteries.

5. Plumbing

Winterizing plumbing is a must for RVs stored in cold weather climates. Now that spring is here, water tanks should be drained and the entire plumbing system sterilized before use.
Combine ¼ cup of bleach to a gallon of water for every 15 gallons of tank capacity. Add bleach mixture to tank and fill completely. Using the water pump, turn on faucets one at a time and let them run until an odor of bleach is detected.

Do the same for the shower and toilet. Wait three to five hours before draining tank and refilling with fresh water. Repeat the process of running water through each water fixture until all bleach is out of the plumbing. The tank is now sanitized and ready for use.


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