TrailManor Now Building Trailers in Tennessee

The cantilevered TrailManor—a mix between a folding camping trailer and a conventional hard-sided travel trailer—is now being built in Jacksboro, Tennessee, with new owners Robert J. and Cleo Eickhoff, according to a news release.

”My husband has been associated with TrailManor for 18 years as a factory rep,” said Cleo Eickhoff, marketing director for TrailManor Mfg. Co. LLC, with headquarters in Hartington, Nebraska.

The couple moved into an ownership position after William J. Hawlsey, founder of now defunct TrailManor Inc., had health issues. ”That coupled with the fact that the economy had taken a downturn, TrailManor just suffered terribly,” Eickhoff said. ”We moved from Nebraska to Tennessee to try to help Bill, but it just didn’t work.”

TrailManor Inc. then located in Lake City, Tennessee, stopped production in September and the Eickhoffs bought the company’s assets two months later and began manufacturing TrailManor travel trailers in a different factory in Jacksboro.

While continuing to build the TrailManor, the company has introduced three TrailManor Sport floor plans in 16- to 24-foot lengths that retail starting at $16,797—which is about $9,500 less than the traditional TrailManor.

The TrailManor: the remarkable folding trailer design that built the company

The TrailManor 2417 Sport features the classic folding TrailManor design. It has a king sized bed on one end; a double bed on the other, so there’s plenty of room for family. It also features a full kitchen with sink, 3-way refrigerator, and an innovative portable stove that can be used either inside the trailer or outside if you want to enjoy the outdoors. The 2417 also has a cassette toilet option.

The TrailManor 19 RD SportDeck is built on the same frame as the 2619, so it has exceptional strength. The value of the model is enhanced with more standard equipment including twin gas bottles, Fantastic vent, and a slick new European style sink and two-burner stove. Then we added 15 inch tires and alloy wheels, a coated back deck, sturdy new folding steps, and a convenient outside shower. It even features a hardwall bathroom and our popular dinette floor plan.

The new TrailManor 16 RD SportDeck is the lightest TrailManor yet. Its compact design makes towing behind smaller vehicles simple and stress-free. And it still offers plenty in the way of amenities. There’s a two-burner stove, sink, and refrigerator. You can even add a bathroom option, or opt for more counter and storage space. The dinette floor plan offers room for relaxing and meals, and it is an ideal choice for couples who love to camp at a moment’s notice.

TrailManor has 30 dealers nationwide and currently employs 24 people in a 22,000-square-foot factory in Jacksboro. The company plans to start building the traditional TrailManor Elkmont travel trailer, which had been discontinued, in a factory the couple owns in Hartington, perhaps as early as summer.

”We were fortunate that the base core of employees moved to Jacksboro with us,” Eickhoff said.

After opening the factory in Hartington to build the Elkmont, TrailManor, and TrailManor Sport will continue to be built in Tennessee, Eickhoff said.


TrailManor Manufacturing Company, LLC

TrailManor was founded in 1983, but the story goes back much farther. Before the first TrailManor was shipped to a dealer, the design went through ten years of prototypes and testing. It was only after the innovative TrailManor design was thoroughly tested and proven that it was made available to the public.

Founder, William J. Hulsey, has a Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering and more than 25 years of experience in developing high technology materials and products.

He transferred this knowledge to a dedicated group of current TrailManor employees who continue to manufacture trailers that are light in weight, easy to tow, engineered to last, high in resale value, and fun to use from the moment you leave your driveway.

Today, TrailManor has two locations, a manufacturing plant in Jacksboro, Tennessee, and general offices in Hartington, Nebraska (with a manufacturing facility planned there during 2012).

The product line has expanded to include both the classic TrailManor design and a new series of Sport models that are exceptionally light, very affordable, and a delight to own.

That’s what you should expect from a travel trailer, and that’s what you get with TrailManor.

General Offices:  P.O. Box 397, Hartington, NE  68739

Manufacturing Plant: 1202 McGhee Lane, Jacksboro, TN  37757

Phone: (423) 563-6685


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