RVers Go Hog Wild over SewiePig

The new SewiePig product has many RVers going hog wild.

SewiePig RV sewage accessory

SewiePig RV sewage accessory

SewiePig is a new RV accessory in the form of a plastic container shaped like a pig, with an underneath garage area that fits securely over any RV discharge hose.

“SewiePig is simple and easy to use! Just fill with water and you’re done!”

The “pig” has a removable cap on the tail to allow the tank to be filled with water for weight. Once filled with water, it’s placed over the RV sewer hose where it meets the campground connection.

The SewiePig secures the hose to ensure there are no waste disposal accidents.

This product is simple, convenient, and compact as it tucks right into the underneath compartment of your RV.

“Let Sewiepig do the dirty work for you.”

SewiePig RV sewage accessory

It adds a cosmetic flair to a “not-so-attractive” part of your campsite, the company noted on their website.

Over 25 years of RV experience and three years of research and development has gone into the design of the SewiePig Sewer Hose Holder. The product is made in the USA.

SewiePig can be purchased through Dyers RV and Trailer, your local RV dealership, or online from the manufacturer.


E49 Enterprises LLC

The SewiePig is designed to hold your sewer hose and fitting into the dump station connector to reduce risk of losing connection and leaking.

Sewiepig has been designed and manufacturer tested to provide you, our customers, with the most efficient product possible.

Price: $21.95

Mailing address: PO Box 406, Fate, TX 75132

Phone: (888) SEWIEPIG

Website: sewiepig.com

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