Newmar Ceases Production of Fifth Wheels in 2013

Nappanee, Indiana-based Newmar Corporation recently provided all Newmar towable dealers with the following information on the future of Newmar towable products:

In 2011, Newmar Corporation built 30 units of its fifth wheel brands.

Understanding that our company needs new floor plans, new interior designs, and new exterior paint graphics to even try to grow this volume, we have been studying the amount of engineering time and resources it would take to freshen the Kountry Star, X-Aire, and Kountry Aire brands for the 2013 model year.

It has become very apparent to Newmar management that the entire RV towable market has changed considerably and become more competitive over the past several years.

Newmar’s management team has also come to the realization that building fifth wheel products on the same production line with its motorhome brands, retailing for as much as $800,000.00, is no longer a legitimate means by which to participate in the towable arena.

With all this in mind, Newmar Corporation will cease building its fifth wheel products at the conclusion of the 2012 model year.

Should you have any retail customers still in the market for a Newmar fifth wheel, the final production run in which a Newmar fifth wheel could be scheduled for production is April 25, 2012.

That unit would ship to your dealership around June 8, 2012.

Newmar factory tour © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

As with all decisions of this nature, this was a difficult choice.

After much analysis, internal discussions, and prayer, Newmar’s management team feels that this is the best road to follow at this time.

Rest assured, Newmar Corporation remains committed to the RV industry and the gas, diesel, and luxury motorhome markets.

I thank you, in advance for your understanding and support of this decision.


John Sammut

V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Newmar Corporation


Newmar Corporation

Established in 1968, Newmar is an innovator and leader in the RV manufacturing industry and recognized nationally for its excellence in quality.

Newmar is privately owned and has a dealer network that spans across the United States and Canada.

Ready to roll off the assembly line © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Newmar Corp currently manufactures Class A gas motorhomes (Bay Star Sport, Bay Star, and Canyon Star), Class A diesel motorhomes (Ventana LE, Ventana, and Dutch Star), luxury Class A diesel motorhomes (Mountain Aire, Essex, and King Aire), and fifth-wheel trailers (Kountry Star, X-Aire, and Kountry Aire).

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Address: 355 N. Delaware Street, PO Box 30, Nappanee, Indiana 46550-0030

Phone: (800) 860-0086


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