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I’ve written about massive all-modern-convenience off-road motorhomes such as the DRACO, Marchi Mobile element, Wothahellizat, and Zetros but for efficiency and flexible the Innovan is a knock-out.


The Innovan slide-on truck camper and the Innovan XC off-road trailer/caravan are really quite different from anything else on the market. They both contain patented features which set them apart. According to the manufacturer, they are different because they are designed to overcome the shortcomings of other slide on campers, off-road camper trailers, or off-road caravans that are in the marketplace.

It is probably fair to say that the Innovan XC off-road caravan sits somewhere between conventional camper trailers and conventional off-road caravans. It has the “go anywhere ability” of the camper trailer and the comfort and convenience of an off-road caravan.

The ultimate off-road suspension with fingertip height adjustment, automatic camber adjustment, and vertically mounted heavy-duty shock absorbers, sets the Innovan off-road caravan apart from typical camper trailers.

The lightness, strength, size, and easy towing characteristics, of the Innovan XC off-road caravan set it apart from the big and heavy off-road caravans.


The Innovan can be fully setup including awning is less than 30 seconds. It opens out like a Swiss Army Knife.

Wide stable steps and a uniquely shaped door provide easy access.

When configured for travel, the aerodynamic shape of the camper minimizes wind drag and the cross-wind problems usually associated with campers and vans, and the light weight means that when attached to a four wheel drive, it can go just about anywhere.

Welby Davidson, who runs Innovan in Toowoomba, Queensland, said the project started several years ago when he designed the first Innovan to meet the special needs of a couple who wanted a camper that could take them almost anywhere in comfort.

“For a few years my wife Marg and I had many enjoyable trips in what became a prototype version,” said Davidson. “The interest it created was so amazing that we decided to go into production.”


“My son Neil, an industrial designer, then took over the project. He gave the camper a more efficient aerodynamic shape and came up with a range of ideas to better integrate its amenities.”

The Innovan camper sleeps two in single beds or a Queen bed. It can have both internal and external kitchens, dinette, fridge/freezer, shower, toilet, air-conditioner, TV, water tanks, generous dust-proof storage compartments and more. A tough, extendable, folding awning can be put in place in a couple of seconds to offer outdoor shade and weather protection.

Innovan uses air-bag suspension to make on/off exercise a breeze. Davidson found that by replacing the coil spring suspension on vehicles like the Nissan Patrol cab chassis with a full air suspension, he can make camper loading and unloading very easy.

“On good open roads I drop the rig down to lower the centre of gravity and improve the ride,” he said. “This also increases safety and handling characteristics of the laden vehicle. Another major advantage is that, with the airbags, it is just a matter of pressing a switch to quickly level the unit for cooking or sleeping.”

Airbag suspension also has been fitted to the new trailer version of the Innovan.

“With on-vehicle controls we can increase or decrease the trailer’s clearance at will to clear water or obstacles that you find all the time in remote areas of the country. It’s a real plus for serious touring,” Davidson added.

In a recent email response, Davidson indicated that Innovan does not have any North American distributors at this point but it is something they are giving consideration to.


Innovan Campers and Caravans


Address: PO Box 405, Highfields, Queensland, 4352 Australia

Phone: + 61 (07) 4696 84 84


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