EarthCruiser Now Available in U.S.

The EarthCruiser, a popular Australian adventure all-terrain vehicle, is now arrived in the United States.

EarthCruiser adventure all-terrain vehicle.

EarthCruiser is a self-contained, all-terrain expedition recreational vehicle, on the U.S. Fuso 4×4 chassis, capable of long-distance desert crossings, negotiating frigid snow-covered terrain, and miles of challenging rock-covered mountain trails, according to a news release.

“This vehicle is not for everyone,” said EarthCruiser executive Lance Gillies.

“This is a serious expedition vehicle that can take people to places that no other RV can, places they’ve only seen in magazines.”

According to Gillies who recently opened the U.S. office for EarthCruiser, in Bend, Oregon, an EarthCruiser provides a great opportunity for U.S residents to see and explore the nation’s beautiful and remote regions.

“Part of our challenge will be to really educate extreme travelers about the vehicle’s amazing capabilities,” says Gillies.

“Once the real adventure seekers understand how comfortably they can travel to locations they never had access to before, the excitement should spread quickly.”

EarthCruiser adventure all-terrain vehicle.

EarthCruiser’s global customers have been driving them directly into freight containers and shipping them to travel locations around the world.

Current international owners of the EarthCruiser include wildlife photographers, hunters, rock climbers, and other extreme adventure seekers.

The vehicle is also in demand by eco and volunteer travelers who do everything from delivering medical supplies to remote villages, teaching children, repairing endangered reefs, and a wide variety of outreach programs all over the globe.

The interior of this mobile adventure home is designed using light colored all fiberglass cabinetry and large windows that make the living area feel spacious and bright.

Quality appliances, hot and cold shower, toilet, ergonomic kitchen, plentiful storage, and full size double bed make for comfortable living.

The effective use of solar paneling, a diesel water heater, and other proven technology permits extended travel and isolated stays both relaxing and enjoyable.

The advantages of roaming the globe in EarthCruiser include:

  • Free and secure accommodation
  • Good high driving position for sightseeing and safe touring
  • Capability of handling a variety of terrain in comfort
  • Great fuel economy and good distance achievable between fuel stops
  • Self-sufficient in every respect—no power connections needed
  • Comfortable on road and at the end of the day
  • The size of the vehicle is not too pretentious


EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles Pty. Ltd

EarthCruiser adventure all-terrain vehicle.

EarthCruiser is purpose built by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles Pty. Ltd. a company owned and operated by individuals, with over 25 years experience in their respective fields.

Earthcruiser was originally designed to meet our specific needs for an overland expedition vehicle that could go anywhere and was comfortable enough for two people to live for extended periods of time.

Phone: +61 7 3358 1011

Location: Lear Jet Drive Caboolture, P.O. Box 2602, Fortitude Valley BC Queensland, Australia

U.S. Sales and Service

Location: Bend, Oregon

Phone: (503) 688 3345


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