Dethleffs Unveils New Concept Class A

German motorhome manufacturer, Dethleffs, has revealed the first pictures and details of its new concept Class A motorcaravan, the Evan.

Dethleff's Evan Class A concept

The concept motorhome, which is expected to form the basis of a production Class A motorcaravan for the 2013 model year, is, at just 18-feet 6.7-inches-long, a very short Class A but which still offers six travel seats and two double fixed beds, reports Out & About Live.

It also comes with two wide conversion doors—one at the side and one at the rear.

Motorhome designer, Michael Studer, said he wanted to create a motorhome that is “compact, flexible, and ideal for daily use.”

“I’ve been following the idea for some time and now it is time for a new vehicle concept. A flexible, compact one which combines the advantages of various motorhome concepts,” Studer added.

At first sight the Evan looks like a large van with its bi-color exterior. It has unusually short over-hangs and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The interior has a handy layout, which means users can transport long wooden strips.

Dethleff's Evan Class A concept interior

Bulkier items can be carried thanks to the flexible furniture and design touches such as the bathroom, which can be extended in two steps to offer more elbow room.

The rear locker can be equipped with a folding rack for more luggage pieces when being away on holidays.

Up to six passengers can be carried—four in the rear using single seats with lateral support and individually adjustable back rest inclination. The seats can be moved lengthwise or crossways and the rear locker can be equipped with a folding rack for more luggage pieces when being away on holidays, according to Out & About Live.

For the night, the large pull-down bed (75 inches x 60 inches) can be used, which disappears under the cab roof during the day.

A further double bed (80 x 56 inches) is in the elevating roof which is equipped with large air inlets and a large panorama window.

The four sleeping berths can be made very fast without time-consuming lounge to bed converts.

The kitchen features a sink, two mobile gas cartridge cookers, refrigerator, and ample working surface.

The variable bathroom comes with a removable Porta Porti, wash bowl, and small shower.

When it is cold outside the under-floor diesel heating will warm up the interior.


Dethleffs Germany

Dethleff's Evan Class A concept interior

As one of the most traditional manufacturer of leisure vehicles, Dethleffs has a long company history and many innovations to look back on.

Dethleffs philosophy goes back to the days as Arist Dethleffs created the first caravan in Germany in 1931. He called it Wohnauto.

Dethleffs’ creation laid the foundation stone for caravanning in Germany 80 years ago.

With approximately 700 employees and production of 8,000 vehicles per year, Dethleffs is now one of the biggest motorhome manufacturer in Europe.

Address: Arist-Dethleffs-Straße 12, D-88316 Isny

Phone: 0049 (0) 7562 987-0


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